End of the Week

by Megan M. on September 22, 2005 (Blog) |

It’s not really the end of the actual week, the calendar week, but it’s the end of a week I’ve been counting as going too quickly. My Aunt Cheryl got in last Thursday, and we had all kinds of fun before it was suddenly Wednesday and, what? Thursday’s tomorrow? So she headed off to the airport again this morning and I guess I’m a little grumpy. Reasonably so, I think. But happier and a better person for having been able to visit with her. There are pictures from her visit in my Flickr stream, but Flickr’s having a well-deserved massage at the moment so you’re going to have to check back for them later. ;}

This morning I found a really interesting article about people who blog for theraputic purposes – who blog for many other reasons, even, but admit how theraputic keeping a blog actually is. It’s very different when you’re talking to real people, instead of to yourself in a secret book no one sees. And this is particularly pertinent to me because my thought process works most efficiently when I am talking. I discover a lot of things about myself the very moment I say them out loud (or type them to you here). This article, for what it’s worth, is at eMarketer, of all places.

In other news, I have exactly thirty-nine pieces of ‘urgent’-marked Welsh spam in my trash folder. What. The. Heck. They are all copies of the same two messages regarding Welsh language learning. One version is in English, but the other is actually in Welsh.

What alternate universe am I currently inhabiting?

Update: Now I have a nice even forty of them. Hmm.

Update Again: I know you are all terribly, terribly interested in the spam I’m getting, but… I just got forty-five more. Forty-five MORE!

Three More Updates Than You Really Needed: Flickr is back from the relaxy, so you can see some of my pictures from this last week. ;}

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