News, lots of news!

by Megan M. on September 30, 2005 (Music) |

All right! I will be the first to admit it’s been nuts around here since I got back from Orlando, but this is unreasonable – and by that I mean it is unreasonable that you don’t yet know all the details of my shining victory. Except… well… that’s going to have to wait for later, because I have too much else to tell you!

I promise it’ll be worth it. Keep reading.

September 16th was the single performance of Rigoletto, produced by Dr. Francisco Cano and Greenville’s Valley Lyric Opera. It was stupendous! I am very sad that we didn’t have more performances, but I really enjoy singing with VLO and I am always very excited when I get the chance. This was a concert performance complete with supertitles – and not only did I sing Maddalena, I ran the supertitles for the rest of the opera. (It was hideously fun. I’ve never run supertitles before. I think I did well!)

Last night I got together with a wonderful bunch of Welsh folks and we discussed my Wales trip in 2006. The David G. Morris award from Orlando is meant specifically to take me to the National Eisteddfod in Wales next year, and we’re going to start working and planning right now. This week. No dilly-dallying! (I am incredibly excited. I am having actual difficulty containing the textual gushing. I’m going to move on before you end up reading another 80 pages.)

Tomorrow is the Niles Gymanfa Ganu gathering at the McKinley Memorial, where I’ll be singing my two competition pieces, plus a really, really nice arrangement with the Shenango Valley Chorale. I’ll have to see if they have a web address, and if they do I’ll link you. The Gymanfa Ganu is open and begins, I believe, at 3pm. I’ll be there from 1:30pm onward, for rehearsal and discussion purposes. By 6 I will have left very promptly, since it is my father’s birthday tomorrow!

I am thinking seriously about doing another design update to this site, simply because I think it would be easier to read and easier to update if I did so – so don’t be surprised if you see some craziness here in the next few weeks. It will all come out well in the end, promise!

Thank you for reading – I will post again soon!

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