Orlando, Part No. One

by Megan M. on September 1, 2005 (Blog) |

The wonderful Welsh folks in the vicinity of Youngstown have sponsored me to attend the North American Festival of Wales and compete in their eisteddfod. I’m barely settled in, and I haven’t had the chance to explore yet, but I thought it best to check in and let everyone know what’s going on!

The Festival is being held in Orlando this year. I’m staying at the Disneyworld Contemporary Resort, which is headquarters for the Festival and apparently has a huge convention center (which I have yet to see). I’m going to bathe and dress, and head down there to see what’s what. I’m hoping to meet a lot of nice new people, and since historically all the Welsh people I meet are fantastically friendly, I don’t think I’m going to have any problems.

It took awhile for my luggage to show up last night. I used Disney’s Magical Express to get myself here from the airport, and despite me having completely forgotten to properly tag my luggage, it all went smoothly. I couldn’t believe it – I was sure I’d screwed it up. Whew!

The flight was incredibly relaxing, considering that my last few plane trips were to the West coast. It was a short, sweet, two-hour flight. I read Transmetropolitan and played Super Mario Brothers the whole time. It was great.

I’m fairly certain at this point that I’m no longer in the real world – I suppose Disneyworld ought to do that to you. There were fireworks and light displays last night. I could see and hear them quite clearly from my room, and was told that they happen every night. I wonder if it’s Disney’s anniversary celebration that’s the cause, or if those are regular occurances ‘round here?

I took a lot of pictures, and you can check out the first set here.

Our first stop on the bus before the Contemporary was the French Quarter – gave me chills, but it was pretty. We keep hearing about the state of New Orleans and surrounding areas, and this morning the newspaper headline sitting outside my door said “Death toll likely in thousands.” The weather last night was grey and wet, and the weather this morning was blue and bright and beautiful. We had a rainstorm that pulled out all the stops without hiding the sun for several minutes, and it was fabulous. I have a great view of the lake from my room.

Missy and Marty took me to the airport for my flight yesterday. We had a wildly cool lunch at Nahla’s in New Castle and a really nice drive to Pittsburgh. It was so nice getting to spend a few extra hours with them before I left.

Small children keep rampaging past my door. They go, clomp clomp giggle clomp giggle shriek clomp. I am quite entertained by this.

All right, it’s shower time. Then I’ll put on appropriate clothing and go galavanting off into the unknown (and probably pick up a program booklet and meet a few people). This is a good plan.

Have a “Magical” Day! Heehee!

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