by Megan M. on April 11, 2006 (Blog) |

Today I discovered that the fabulous United States Postal Service had lost three quarters of the most important package I had shipped to me.

I don’t know how – I packed everything for shipping in sturdy boxes. It couldn’t have just fallen apart. Here is a copy of the letter they sent me with the single repackaged item from that box that I received. Click ‘All Sizes’ to read more clearly.

I panicked just a little – this has never happened to me before. And they had to lose this one? They couldn’t lose something else, like my sake set? (That tells you something about how important this box was to me, that I would rather have lost my precious sake set.) And furthermore, they don’t give me a working phone number (both numbers at the bottom seem to be faxes, which I may find a way to utilize) or any kind of email or web address. They want me to send my item descriptions for reclaimation through the postal service. You know, the postal service that lost my stuff.

So, I wrote them a letter:

To the kind folks at USPS:

Recently I received the enclosed letter about my package having been damaged and many of the contents lost during mechanical processes. The delivery confirmation number of this shipment was 0304 1560 0003 9071 9824. It was a box that contained two binders and two books. I received one binder, repackaged, today, with this letter about the damage. The items that I have not received are as follows:

[Description of Three Lost Items]

The letter (attached) that I received came from Dallas (2400 DFW Turnpike), but they told me to send this letter to the Mail Recovery Center (P.O. Box 44161) in Atlanta.

These items are very precious to me and one of them will cost me a lot of money to replace. They were shipped to me as a favor while I was moving from Ohio to Texas. Please, please help me out. I don’t have the money to replace any of them and I would be so very unhappy to lose them. If you can help me out, or if you would like more information, please call me at [Mobile Phone Number] or email me at [Business Email Address]. I am desperate to get these items back.

I would very much appreciate it if someone could contact me by swifter means than the postal service, because I feel that any time lost in the mail is time that my items could get lost further, and lose my chances of reclaiming them. I would be very, very, very grateful for any communication from someone who might give me more information.

Desperate and hopeful,

Megan Elizabeth Morris
[Business Email Address]
[Mobile Phone Number]

I included two images printed out from the web to show them what two of the items look like – the third I couldn’t find a photo of anywhere, but at least I found photos for the most important things. And I included the actual letter they sent me, since I now have a copy of it stored on Flickr in case I need to refer back. I’ll overnight both letters and the printouts to that place in Atlanta.

I have no idea how likely it is that I’ll get my stuff back. Would you all send some good vibes my way?

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