by Megan M. on August 27, 2006 (Blog) |

Man, I had some goddamn day.

Marty went to D&D; I stayed downstairs and worked all day. Most of the day was good, but there were complications around 4:30 that lasted all the way until six or half past… and I ended up leaving poor Sean by herself downstairs after she showed up because I had to call to deal with Vonage. Er, with Vonage’s agents in Czechoslovakia…

The coke I’m drinking is making me progressively sleepier; I sit at the dining room table surrounded by industrious D&D nerds, all of whom I adore; I’m blogging, as usual, but I’m excited about playing the game when we finally get going. This is a game Marty’s concocted with a little outside help, and we’re all going to be playing as ourselves…

My belly is full of Chinese food from Dragonfly, which has a rather wide delivery range from the mall, if you ask me. There’s still food left on the counter – quite a bit of it, actually. Would anyone like some?

I badly want a copy of Don Killgallon’s Sentence Composing for College book, because I am a sucker for anything I think I need to write more clearly, and because I kept hearing about what a great book it was. I looked for it at Barnes and Noble yesterday, when we stopped for Marty’s birthday, but they didn’t have it. I don’t want to order it from Amazon… that feels too much like spending money… but I probably will, anyway…

Marty is, like, a D&D genius. Things come out of his mouth that make my brain do little confounded somersaults and I stare and nod and a little drool comes out of my mouth because I just SO dig smart boys. I like to play this game, and I don’t seem to have any real urge to get it, but I do enjoy watching him construct and polish. It is thoroughly excellent.

Oh, I’ve had a full day, but it’s nothing that can’t be solved with a little random, directionless blogging…

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