New Friend Day

by Megan M. on August 6, 2006 (Blog) |

I made a new friend today!

Well, I sort of did. I mean, not really – not enough to mark it off on my 101/1001. But it’s a start! This very nice girl who works breakfast has always smiled at me and started greeting me by name shortly after Barbara (the older woman who usually works breakfast as well) started doing so. Barbara isn’t here this weekend, so I got very pleasantly greeted by this nice girl when I came. I like her face – it is shaped very interestingly, and she is pretty. She has a different sort of smile than lots of people, it is so cute! So I came down to breakfast this morning after totally sleeping the whole night do you even believe that!? And she asked if I needed anything and smiled and I smiled back and said I was totally fine, but thank you.

A couple of times she walked by the table and I was looking up, and we smiled at each other then, too. She seems so nice! So later on when I was getting milk for Dad’s cereal I stopped by where she was setting out a new table and asked her what her name was – I wanted to ask because she’s so nice! She said her name was Louise, and she started asking me questions about where I was from, etc. I told her about Texas and singing for the Eisteddfod. She went to do some things but then came back by not long after and asked what sort of music I sang, and I told her classical and folk music and a lot of Welsh that I hoped I wasn’t too bad at! And she laughed and was very nice.

Dad said after I left she told them, “That Megan is lovely,” and I laughed. Dad does his impression of the accents here, he said “luvly” and it was entertaining. I hope I get to talk to Louise more – but she asked how long I’d be here for and I said at least another week, so I’d be at breakfast every morning. I told her a lot of things about me but I am kind of curious about her, too!

Yay me! I like making new friends. :}

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