New Topic, Too

by Megan M. on August 12, 2006 (Blog) |

I realized that the way my blog is laid out makes it a little complicated to reread seconds – monthly listings don’t list all the posts from that month! (Especially with being in Wales and writing like a CRAZY PERSON.)

So here’s a list of all my days in Wales so far. Once I get home, I’ll have to fix my blog so it’s easier to navigate backwards! Although I suppose it’s not too bad, if you click on each day – then it does list all the posts. Interesting.

Like I have time to revamp more blogs. Ha!

July 29, 2006: Two Posts

Safe at the hotel…
July 31, 2006: Playing Catchup
August 1, 2006: Three Posts
August 2, 2006: Two Posts
August 3, 2006: Sleep Stuff

Family arrives…
August 4, 2006: Three Posts
August 5, 2006: Two Posts
August 6, 2006: Four Bits
August 7, 2006: Candy and Covert Ops

Preliminaries on Wednesday…
August 8, 2006: Prelims Schedule

Stage Competition on Thursday…
August 9, 2006: Superspeed Minipost

Resting, finally!
August 10, 2006: Three Posts (!)
August 11, 2006: Seven Posts (!!)

Trying to figure out how to get home…
August 12, 2006: Stupid Airports

And that’s it so far. I’ll probably repost this later when the trip is complete, but that’ll get folks up to speed… especially the ones who just started reading, or got bombarded and overwhelmed with how I quintupled my posting habits as soon as I left Austin…

I guess I’d better go back to figuring out this packing situation now. Oof.

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