Thursday: Party!

by Megan M. on August 11, 2006 (Music) |

Thursday night Dad and I putzed around on the internet in the lobby, having a grand time, and then came upstairs to their hotel room where we ordered copious amounts of room service. Mom put the Eisteddfod coverage on the telly and we sat and watched, and I did some writing.

A half hour later, Louise brought up five desserts and two shots of Penderyn whisky, neatly split into three glasses.

“To Dewi Sant?” Dad asked.

“Noooo,” I said. We’d already toasted Dewi Sant lots of times! And then everyone chimed in: “To Megan!” Clink clink clink clink!

We watched a big band jazz harp, with a cute girl in black with short hair, jammin’. Grandma complained about the taste of whisky she’d had, and I got her a glass of water. We sat and partied, ate fabulous Brasserie desserts, and sipped whisky! Well, I sipped whisky, anyway. Yum! And we watched the Eisteddfod coverage, there was a competition where fellows stood up and told jokes to a gleeful crowd. It was so delightful! If only we could understand the jokes!

I asked the front desk to route my calls to my parents’ room. I got a call from David Williams at 9:30, and a call from Graham and Malcolm (of Pendyrus) at 10! David was very proud and very pleased and it made me so happy to talk to him! Graham and Malcolm have insisted that Sunday I be kidnapped and taken to choir practice, about an hour away. I have to work to clear the time, but I really want to go, so I hope it works out. I would love to visit with the choir! I just have to figure out how to make my body not completely collapse under all this traveling!

Eventually I did more internet, and wandered off to bed. I didn’t take anything, no melatonin – but I slept like a baby. Is anyone surprised?

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