Chicago, 8:01pm

by Megan M. on October 3, 2006 (Blog) |

I know I haven’t written anything here about my trip to Youngstown – the one I’m headed back from now. But you’re going to tough it out, because I have other things on my mind. Like flight delays.

For instance…

I thought that my flight delays were evidence that God hated me, until I discovered otherwise. God hates Chicago.

We just had a swift ten-second hailstorm. There’s been lightning outside since I got here, but just now the hail came down like rocks – well, it is rocks! – and was followed shortly thereafter by heavy rain. Could this mean the worst is over, or just beginning?

I’m waiting for the current delayed flight to leave so I can find out the status of mine. We’re not even dealing with Austin yet; we’re last call for Colorado Springs. And the flight I completed successfully from Pittsburgh was delayed by Chicago because of the weather. It wasn’t late; it couldn’t leave.

I think often of never flying through Chicago again. What’s up with Chicago, man?

It’s not just a city anymore, it’s become a new entity in my head. It is an obstacle, a great mountain, er, an electrical storm. It keeps me from my sweet liberal oasis. I LOVE YOU SWEET LIBERAL OASIS!!

The longer this lasts, the more posts you will get.

Update, 12:35am: Chicago has stolen me and cancelled all my flights. I am expensively ensconced at the Four Points Sheridan in a room I can’t afford. It was the last vacant room in all of Chicago. They tell me I can fly out at 1:40pm tomorrow, and arrive in Austin at 4:25pm. Please work your magicks for the safe transit of my luggage. Also, I have no deodorant, toothbrush or change of clothes. Ew. I expect the situation to be worse by tomorrow afternoon. Marty: BRING LYSOL.

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