Monster House

by Megan M. on October 26, 2006 (Blog) |

For awhile in the beginning, we kept commenting on Monster House’s… Silent Hill-ness. It was seriously creepy in places, scary despite being animated and appealing to the under-fifteen crowd. Silent Hill Jr., we called it. What we found out, however, was that Monster House is one of those movies. You know, the movies that are ostensibly for kids, but have all kinds of interesting tie-ins that only the adults are going to get. Like when Chowder accidently sprayed Jenny’s white blouse with his supersoaker. Or when Jenny was attacked by monstrous tentacle-like appendages inside the horrible house. Also: “Oooh. So it’s a girl house!” Yeah.

It’s dark and serious and creepy… and at the same time, it’s really heartwarming. It had a string of spots where I couldn’t stop squeaking in empathy, and by the time we got to the end of the movie I felt totally warm and fuzzy. This movie is too scary for the little kids, I think, but for the older ones (and the way older ones – I’m only 25, after all) it completely rocks. It gets the Megan star of approval. This movie wins. I haven’t this sort of unbearable purchasing urge in awhile, and I want this movie. I want to watch it every Halloween. It was totally great.

It was also kind of nice – as Marty is in HEAVEN working in a room with a television day after day, at the end of October, when half the cable channels are running marathons of scary movies (plenty of artistic inspiration there), I was really happy to get in on the action. And he suggested it, so he gets the credit for us having seen it. Marty rocks.

Some other notes; the animation was incredible and at times looked disturbingly like claymation – but not disturbing in a bad way, disturbing in an excellent way. These guys knew exactly what they were doing and the effects are just unbelievable. The acting is great – lots of mapping – and the voices are fabulous. Steve Buscemi!! Whee! (Along with a ton of other people you’ll recognize.) It was yay. It was happiness.

Go watch.

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