Yerba Rush

by Megan M. on October 12, 2006 (Blog) |

I have managed to run myself completely hyper on a huge glass of yerba mate – omg a bird just did a NOSEDIVE outside my window, I hope he pulled up in time! – and I’ve been getting a tremendous amount of work done in the six-and-a-half hours I’ve been awake – Yes, you heard me right, I worked really late last night and slept late this morning, those of you who called me at eight AM who will remain unmentioned, that is totally okay and I might actually be awake at 8am a lot, but I’m going to continue to work whatever hours suit me best, because wow, look at all the stuff I’m getting done!!

Was that, like, eight run-on sentences? I’m so hyper!

Marty and I are going to have a late dinner with Heather tonight, and I’m really looking forward to that. I’m feeling a lot better but I do have to calm down a teeny bit and not run myself nuts and sick again. I’m wondering if she’d like to eat at Kim Phung, I thought their spring rolls were really fabulous last time, maybe she’d be into that, and also, Kim Phung is cheap, cheap is very good…

I’m streaming KOOP (pronounced Ko – op, is that it?) and they’re playing very entertaining material, thank you Austin people who posted about it. :P I wanted to go to the dinner gathering at Whole Foods at seven, but I don’t think we’re going to have enough time – Marty is working on a pumpkin and I want to get everything wrapped up here and also I need a shower or I will be stinky. Stinky = bad. Yes.

So that’s my incredibly yerba-high update, how about that? :P

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