Calendar Hackin’

by Megan M. on December 7, 2006 (Blog) |

Yes, I’ve been calendar-fiddling this morning! Look, Megan’s new publicly-accessible calendar! This is the new address that “Public Calendar” there on the left will take you to.

I have found an ingenious way to share all my complicated Google calendars at once—PHP iCalendar. (It even has RSS, holy shit…) If you’d like to see what I’m up to and when I’m busy, this is the place to look. Most of my categories only show up as ‘busy’, but this can give you a good idea of when I’m tied up and when I’m not. Plus, I’m keeping a lot of events public, so there is some actual information in here. I’m pretty fascinated with this application and would very much like to hear your feedback on it. I like sharing calendars. :P

For those of you using a calendar with a subscribe function, I’m going to add my separate calendar links below.

Public / Megan Elizabeth Morris (public)
Personal / Megan Elizabeth Morris (personal / private)
Work-VM / Megan Elizabeth Morris (work-related / private)
Work2 / Megan Elizabeth Morris (work-related / private)

The ones marked ‘private’ aren’t completely private—you can still see my timeblocks that denote when I’m busy, so I’m providing these because they’ll be useful even if they don’t tell you exactly what I’m up to. (A girl has to have some secrets, doesn’t she?)

For the record, all of this is probably only entirely accurate about a week in advance, obviously with some exceptions. Take that into consideration when something looks wacky. Hee!

I think Google calendar is pretty neat and I wish I could find a way to use it that encouraged other people to use it, too—but this’ll do just fine for now. :} With Google calendar, I have XML and iCal links available too… hell, and html, isn’t that interesting? Anyway, if you want any of those, ask, I will share. This is an interesting experiment!

Edit: This turned out to be sort of a goofy experiment and it’s easier for me to just add people to my calendars manually—so if you want to be added, ask. I think that makes a little more sense now. :}

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