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by Megan M. on December 26, 2006 (Blog) |

There were moments Christmas Eve where I wished I could take a picture of the way the house smelled. It was amazing. Cleaning smells mingled with candle smells and cooking smells… and it all blended fantastically, it was incredibly interesting, it was almost like eating sushi. (Which is not at all to say that the house smelled of raw fish, and it didn’t.)

For my part, I am barely recovered from last night’s sleep; I had all manner of wacky, creepy dreams, including a tiny evil baby that just fucking terrorized my dreaming self for the first half of the night. Oy. Thinking back on it, I don’t know why I was so scared. But I suppose that’s how dreams go sometimes.

I had the bed all to myself; Marty has gone on a grand adventure to visit his mother in Virginia, and he and Rudi left on a plane this morning. I have a lot of work to do, though not quite as much as I previously suspected. I want to begin to save unbelievable amounts of money… ya’ll can help me. Come over and play games with me—who needs restaurant food anyway!?

I believe Mat is coming over this evening, and James may meet us as well. Sarah said she was Christmas caroling, but (if I deciphered her grobbly voicemail properly) she may be willing to join us afterwards. I can make spaghetti. We could watch tv. See? Fun!

I don’t know what Marty and I have planned for New Year’s Eve, though I admit there has been some discussion of having friends over my parents’ house for some kind of low-key shebang. I’m thinking something in B-flat…

I made a Second Life character, but haven’t touched the thing since. I barely logged into the game, actually. But I am curious… you know… in my free time, and all…

I need to stop making jokes about my free time, and start having some.

James was right. Mahler’s 2nd Symphony is divine. Thank you, James.

I was thinking of having more elderberry pie for breakfast. I had two pieces last night, piping hot from the microwave, delicious. Past experiences with elderberry pie dictate that I will continue to eat it until it’s all gone, and this breakfast craving fails to contradict that concept in any way. Personally, I have no problem with eating the entire pie. It’s a damn good pie!

Being that the spammers have redoubled their efforts for the day after Christmas, I think I may have my breakfast pie and delete some junk mail…

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