by Megan M. on February 12, 2007 (Blog) |

So, I get in the shower. And it’s all nice and hot, I’m just adoring it, I’m trying to forget about work for a little while and I’m doodling opera (my that sounds dirty) and washing my hair and la la la. And all of a sudden, all soaped up, and the water turns freezing cold. Just like that. Yow!

So I start to be cautious. Freezing cold = no fun. Not unless it’s 105 degrees outside, at least! The water’s cold, I back away and keep soapin’ up. The water’s warm, I venture in and rinse. All good, just about done with the conditioner in my hair when… the water… stops.

Goes away completely.

I am standing there tapping my foot and thinking about what a not relaxing shower this is turning out to be, wondering if someone is fucking with me. The water has stopped. The shower head is dripping—just a little. Nothing.

I wait for a minute. Then two. We’re verging on three, and… the water comes back. Absolutely freezing cold, and with a much stronger current than before—which results in the water, not falling just short of me, the way it was when I was being cautious, but splooshing all over me! Cold!! Agh!! STOP!!

I freaked, rinsed my hair in icy water, and twisted the knobs to off. Resentful and annoyed, I vowed to call maintenance. Or… something. Explode them, maybe.

Anyone know what THAT could have been all about!? Think they’re fixin’ something down there??

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