101/1001 List Updates!

by Megan M. on March 13, 2007 (Blog) |

2. A bottle shelf for all the stuff in the shower!
10. A new computer (with a loan, or bought outright).
12. A new cell phone – one that will work overseas.
52. Go to the Buffy Sing-a-long at the Alamo.
55. Go to a SXSW conference!
59. Take the bus somewhere in Austin, on my own steam.
73. Redesign (and finish!) my voice site.

Look how good I’m doing! I just realized that I hadn’t updated in awhile, and without even realizing it, I’ve crossed off so many items. Awhile back I bought a neat cheapo thing that hangs on the showerhead and holds bottles. My laptop began to flag and I arranged to purchase a refurbished Macbook Pro, Core Duo processor. My Tmobile phone died a horrible death and I replaced it with a slick little RAZR V3t, which should work overseas, though I won’t have a chance to test it for at least another few months. Marty and I went to the Buffy Singalong with Vixen and Sean, and we’re going to Kyeli’s party on Saturday, where there will be a mini singalong! I just finished up my first ever SXSW Interactive conference, and for the most part, I got there and returned home by bus every day! How cool is that!

Plus, I recently redesigned and finished, where all my voice materials are. I even partially redid the MySpace page!

AND —you thought I was done!—AND, there are a lot of things in the works, besides these things that count as finished. For instance, I’m much closer to eating healthy, so the health items on the list won’t be nearly as difficult now as they would have been before. I attended a panel discussion that almost fulfills one of my private items this week, so I’m not going to cross that off… but I almost could have! I’ve made a point of slummin’ if I’m going to Walmart—going in my pajamas, going without a shower—so that I can feel extra horrible about shopping there on the rare occasions when I do. (Writing that here is kind of funny. I’m sure you’re interested in my occasional decision not to shower before leaving the house.) I’ve made a handful of particularly yummy friends here in Austin and it isn’t an incredible stretch to imagine getting involved with most of them. And I actually have a few items that I should really put up on eBay…

Virtual Magpie is about to get redesigned. And along with that is a plan to work only for preferred clients, which is what I should have been doing all along. I recently found a really great html/css person and if that works out I’ll be well on my way towards having that list of Go-To-Guys&Gals.

I won’t say any more than this, but I may have CD plans in the works… you didn’t hear that from me…

I really do need to call John, I found a great way to scrapbook old blog entries this weekend, and I’ve been thinking a lot about mediacasting—audio and video! (I even went to a panel all about indie video.)

So, as you can see… I’m doing frickin’ great! Aren’t you proud of me?

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