Every Breath You Take (Part 1)

by Megan M. on March 11, 2007 (Blog) |

[X] 10:00AM Every Breath You Take… (Ballroom F)

It’s 10:04… are we going to start? Are we all awake?

This panel is called Every Breath You Take: Identity, Attention, Presence and Reputation. Christian Crumlish is our moderator. He seems nice, though very sleepy. Poor west coast people. Hell, I’M sleepy.

OpenID: I’m actually pretty curious about OpenID. I think we’re talking about the issue of too many logins. This makes me think of that Microsoft thing, what was it? I didn’t like it, whatever it was. I believe that 37Signal’s new Highrise app will be using OpenID. So, how does it work?

Why, I wonder, is this a whole lot different than that awful Gator thing?

“OpenID is simple because it allows complexity to emerge over time.” I like the sound of that, though I’m not completely sure what it means for the actual function and process.

Reputation Management Systems: Is this like the specific effort I made to worldmeganize across all my accounts, and have precise control over my public and private content? (I still haven’t dug into that old Elfwood account…)

Parts of your identity are asserted by yourself, parts are asserted by other people. It’s not just your resume; it’s who you are on the internet. What do people find if they plug your name into Google? Systems focused on reputation: EigenTrust, Whuffie, Karma. Slashdot, iKarma, KarmaSphere. Opinity. These are things I might want to look up and browse through.

Brr, it’s cold in here. I’m not sure this panel is feeling very useful to me. It keeps having its moments, but I find myself drifting and for this reason I am starting to feel tendrils of guilt…

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