Ooooooh! I could just spit!

by Megan M. on March 24, 2007 (Blog) |

This afternoon I realized with dismay that I had overlooked moderated comments… again. This happened several months ago. I thought I had fixed it… But apparently it felt the need to revisit with a sequel. And I realized something else, too—I’ve been paying such close, particular attention to all my sites… except this one! Just because it’s my personal blog, it has to suffer?! As Pace would exclaim vehemently, “BULLSHIT!” This must be redressed!

Well, the first thing I did was upgrade to the latest version of WordPress, which is great. Long overdue. But you know, this theme I’ve been using… I hacked it together ages ago. It’s a disaster! So then I set about transferring it in pieces into a healthy themeset… just to maintain the general design until I have a chance to sit down and redesign it. (Which is gonna be this frickin’ week if I have anything to say about it! Damn!) I broke a few things and fixed them, and now everything seems to be mostly working. A few new elements are unformatted and so the result is a half-designed site, but I’ll work on those little bits for another… hour… before I have to get ready for my evening, and hopefully I’ll have them pretty much fixed by then.

I’m sorry I neglected you, little worldmegan site! I didn’t mean to make you so sad!

And those of your whose comments received no response or acclaim… Yeah. Der. You know, it gets lonely around here when it seems like the only comments coming through are spam, but when I realize that I’ve missed friendly faces and sweet notes for whatever reason, I feel very ARGH! and DOOD! …And sit down and start obsessing about the next thing.

That’s how the Megan brain works, I suppose. ;}

This, this will improve… I swear it will… Time for another redesign! Yeee-hah!

PS: If you happen to notice anything crazy going on… want to comment or drop me an email? I wonder if I’ll catch everything before I leave. I promise there will be a redesign in this site’s future… WHEW…!

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