Quick Notes from Business Panel

by Megan M. on March 11, 2007 (Blog) |

[X] 03:30PM Deadlines, Clients and Cashflow (18ABCD)

  • Limit your services.
  • Don’t be a flake.
  • Document what makes you successful.
  • Don’t (EVER) trust your brain.
  • Don’t let clients follow up on YOU.
    By the time they contact you… it’s too late. It’s like the oil light. EVEN if the update is that you made no progress… it’s still preferable.
  • Don’t let your colleagues follow up on you, either.
  • Get addicted to strangers.
  • Always be teaching.
  • Cheap is sexy. (Yeaaaaah…!)
  • You didn’t get ripped off.
    You let yourself get ripped off. The project should be managed well enough that a bad egg doesn’t escape with more than a small fraction of the project’s worth.
  • Be firm with your clients.
    Fight for what you feel is right—mutual respect is the result.
  • If we settle for nothing now…
    …we’ll settle for nothing later.
  • Make it their idea. ;}
  • Don’t bill hourly.
    James Archer doesn’t believe in billing by the hour—get paid not for your time, but for getting it done RIGHT.
  • But – Track your time!
    You will learn a lot of surprising information about yourself.
  • Never deliver crap.
  • Never work anonymously.
    If you do work, you deserve to be recognized for that work.
  • Use the right tools!
  • Be different.
  • Write your company constitution.
  • Prioritize passion.
  • Tell it like it is.
  • Do what’s right.
  • Plan for the future.
  • Plan your work and work your plan.
  • Put employees first.
    Customers should be a solid second.
  • Invest every dollar!
  • Use solid contracts.

Take a look at…
~ James Archer

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