Rainstorms; Garlic Adventures

by Megan M. on March 26, 2007 (Blog) |

It’s really pouring out there. I’m watching Colbert reruns. (Actually, I’ve been watching the same Colbert rerun over and over, because it’s Monday and there hasn’t been a new show since last week.) The phone’s been quiet, except for my mother, whose call I returned to discover that her voicemail is full. Der.

I’ve been sneezing a bit. My water bottle is full. My nose is sniffly. There are glazed donuts on the kitchen table, singing sweet and sultry songs… Harlots.

It’s thundering. I even saw lightning. This is March in Texas, right? These are the storms that were raging as we arrived in town, a year and a week ago? Dude. How bizarre. It was wet and cold and it stayed that way awhile before it got really warm. Is spring always like this? I rather enjoy it, as long as I can stay inside.

Why haven’t I started the rice yet? It would be funny if I started the steamer, and the electric went out. I have about an hour of battery left. I would be amused.

So, some of my garlic has begun to mold. I have been cutting away the moldy parts and throwing them away to see how much garlic I can salvage. But more than that, some of my garlic has begun to… sprout. There are green tendrils actually growing out of the tops of some of the pieces. I have never encountered this before. Is it actually growing? Could it be that I missed that it had green bits when I bought it? I don’t think I would have overlooked that sort of thing, but I’m not very perceptive as a general rule. Is it possible that this garlic is… I don’t know. Feeding on itself to grow more parts? I wonder if I can do that.

Also, I am not a fan of the single-piece kitchen knife. The only indication of where the handle ends and blade begins is the shape of the thing. So I keep slipping and bracing my pointer finger on the sharp edge of the blade, instead of the higher part of the handle. What’s that all about?

At least I’m not bleeding yet.

Does anyone have any idea what to tell me in regards to the garlic situation?

Update: I found this interesting post & subsequent comment string on chowhound. I’m still a little nervous about the mold, but the rest of the garlic seems just fine, and most people seem to think the green sproutin’ bits aren’t a big deal. Huh. Any thoughts?

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