Kettle Kettle

by Megan M. on April 12, 2007 (Blog) |

You’ve all been looking at me like I’m crazy.

To be fair, the only people looking at me like I’m crazy are the people to whom I have tried to explain what’s going on in my head, and that’s really a desperately difficult task these days, I should not be so surprised. I feel like I’ve started to tip a few of you off that I might need a vacation… maybe a vacation in the land of padded walls. I know. I understand your frustration. It cannot cap my frustration. I wish to God I knew what it was I was trying to explain.

In other news, the tea kettles at Whole Foods were all $60+ and after doing a little research, I’ve begun to understand why. But do I really want to drop that much money on a tea kettle? I really just want one that won’t rust… that’s not too much to ask, is it? Even the tea kettles I thought would be especially fancy—auto-open spouts and things—have reviews that complain about the rusting. Stainless steel! Doesn’t that sound a little bit bonkers?

Whole Foods, right! I went to dinner at Whole Foods tonight with Larissa. I picked her up and we chatted with lots of nice people and ate yummy food and had a good time. Then we went to BookPeople and picked me up a new moleskine, and we got to talking about magical realism, and she rattled off some incredibly sexy literary geekitude. So, it’s not just communication and psychological geekspeak, folks. Engaging my brain and making me focus on the conversation at hand has something to do with it. Literary geekitude = SO HOT. Larissa wins.

It felt really good to get out into the nice warm evening. I wanted to stay out longer but had stuff to be done here, she had cleaning to do, there were allergies at hand, and I need to pick up Marty at 11, so I dropped her back off and came home. I want to go kettle shopping before getting Marty, but Mom says she’ll find me one and ship it to me. I should let her do it. She knows more about kettles than I do.

I think I’ll leave early and make some ATM deposits on the way. I’m sleepy!

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