Information Dissemination

by Megan M. on October 5, 2007 (Blog) |

Not a lot to aggregate this week, ‘cause I’ve been working like a dog, but plenty to report upon!


  • Virtual Magpie: Cloud Nine Musings. Directionless rambling about awesomeness. New things happening, feeling awesome about meetings and arrangements, wondering who else loves their job this much. G’ness.
  • Virtual Magpie: Planting Seeds. Information on the connection paradigm! This is so cool! If you only read one thing today, read the thing I link to from this post…


  • Pretties. Scott Westerfield, second book in the trilogy. I have the next book too (all borrowed from Vixen) so I am scooting through these. I did say I wanted fiction…
  • The Omnivore’s Dilemma. Michael Pollan, incredibly engaging. This guy is… I don’t know. I mean, he certainly seized an opportunity, but he does it with a lot of flair.

This Week, I…

  • Got rained on at Chuy’s. Marty and I went Saturday, and sat outside. It was nice and cool, and there weren’t a lot of people crowded outside—probably because of the threatening rain, ha ha. We got drizzled on, but Marty valiantly continued to eat his Elvis Presley Memorial. Yeah, like rain is going to stop him.
  • Had awesome, awesome meetings. Monday especially was a crazy day for meetings—one with Ragen and then a general Cloud Nine “excitement” meeting (very accurately named). Monday was a blast, dude.
  • Had friends over for yoga! Kiki happened to be in town, so Robert brought her along. Even on about five hours of sleep, it was really enjoyable and excellent.
  • Saw Sharks 3D at the IMAX! Last night Marty and I met Vixen downtown and we put on totally goofy 3D glasses and learned about sharkies! It was pretty great, actually.
  • Ate at Jimmy John’s. Omg! I was worried about having to eat a sandwich but in honor of Atkins addicts they have this thing called an unwich—wrapped in lettuce instead of bread! It was surprisingly yummy (if a little messy).
  • Made a ridiculous sundae at Amy’s. Kahlua ice cream, hot fudge, marshmallows, reese cups and heath bar. No, I didn’t eat all of it. But it was delicious for the first ten or fifteen bites…

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