Information Dissemination, La La La

by Megan M. on November 2, 2007 (Blog) |

Elsewhere Posting…

  • The Arts: Live, and In Person @ Megan Mezzo Blog. The renaissance festival really made some amazing impressions on me this year.
  • Can’t Wake Up, Clowns Will Eat Me, er, from Virtual Magpie. Ha ha. :P
  • Impromptu Cloud Nine Gushage @ Virtual Magpie. La la la! My life is so exciting and awesome!
  • Business Incubator Blues @ Virtual Magpie—ooh, so frustrated! Your Friendly Neighborhood Call to Action, sponsored by the chatty bird.
  • Emii-Sistar Newsbits @ Megan Mezzo Blog. I have sneaky inside Emii information! I am brave and impetuous!!


  • The Omnivore’s Dilemma. Getting back to this, this week. Discussion of industrial organic and the peculiar quandaries we face when we put anything in our mouths!
  • Sugar Blues, William Dufty. I finished this book. The last few chapters descend deliciously into recipe-building, and the man ends on that note—delicious, delicious food. What a fantastic ending to an incredibly brain-breaking book. The cover design is pretty sensationalistic, but the material is really interesting. Mr. Dufty slips towards poetic license rather often, but I don’t feel that it changed the impact in a negative way—and actually, it makes his skeins of factual information a hell of a lot easier to read! But wow, the foodiness of it. Wow, the food discussion and descriptions. How bizarre that such a book left me hungry!!

Other Items of Interest…

  • Software with a sense of humor, from 37Signals (and Apple). Died laughing.
  • My poor sistar was sick on Halloween. There is a poem. I demand that you read it. (It is awesome!!)
  • About getting communication-stuck, from Kyeli’s blog; man, can I relate to this. (I bet you can too.)

Note: Sorry for the information dissemination HTML vomit some of ya’ll experienced. I fixed! Oopsies! ;}

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