Lemon Ginger

by Megan M. on June 24, 2008 (Blog) |

Since the moment I discovered a lemon ginger “shot” at the Whole Foods flagship, I’ve been obsessed. First I looked at juicers, but then I realized that I my blender / food processor might do the trick, with some fiddling. This morning I turned a quarter lemon and a chunk of fresh ginger into juicy, messy pulp. I ended up putting it through my spaghetti strainer so I could drink it without picking ginger threads out of my teeth. I don’t really want to buy a juicer. But ginger is a tough cookie.

For the adventurous ginger-maniac, I do not suggest adding yerba chai concentrate to your lemon-ginger-apple juice concoction, even if it’s your favorite thing ever and sounds like a good idea. It’s not. (Well, okay. It’s growing on me.)

The lemon ginger shot downtown tasted like a freight train, or an atomic bomb. Juiced lemon, juiced ginger, straight—no sugar, thank god. It was a trial by fire, like Asuka’s idtakko. It was the greatest thing I’ve done all week.

Oh yes, lemon ginger shot. I will conquer you.

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