Where is my Whole Foods Cinema?

by Megan M. on July 6, 2008 (Blog) |

How is it that crap junk food is still the norm if you want to see a new release on the big screen?

The Alamo Drafthouse works as an alternative, but not all the time. I can sneak my organic market fare into any run-of-the-mill cinema (maaaaybe) and have healthy, nourishing snack food while I watch—but then I’m depriving the theater of a large and significant portion of its cashflow. Some theaters are only able to stay open because they make enough selling crap food. Just think about that. Selling mainstream, “normal” food, that poisons its customers.

I go out to the movies less often because I know the food options will make me sick. I no longer have the tolerance for food of such incredibly deficient quality, and with the way things are going, you might not either. But food at the movies is fun. And that food doesn’t have to be of the Cheapest Possible variety. It can be of the Really Truly Nourishing variety and still be just as awesome.

If such a place existed, I would give it most of my movie-going money (and probably more than I’m spending now). A cinema where I can watch Ironman with my fresh organic smoothie or vegan-celiac, agave sweetened cookies… Now, that would be something to talk about. And while we’re at it, can we get Casa de Luz in on this party? Can you just imagine the Alamo’s atmosphere paired with Casa’s impeccable sense of nutritive certainty? Wow.

Are you the person meant to build this empire? Because I’m standing here with eight bucks and I’m waiting.

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