Educational Impatience (or, Books as Snack Food)

by Megan M. on December 31, 2008 (Blog) |

Last week I ordered an insane number of books. (People who sent me Amazon gift certificates for Christmas: YOU WIN. People who are noodling over what to send me: That would be your subtle hint…) I’m long overdue for some gorgeous hardcore reading, and I have not a few fantastic reasons to ramp up my educational focus. Also? Desperate informational hunger. Rawr.

Most of them shipped yesterday, and many are supposed to arrive today. Every time I look at the receipts in my inbox I just die of excitement and suspense. I clearly have no patience when it comes to reading material. Forget that I have plenty to read here already. I crave my new books with the heat of a thousand suns. I’m already on the cusp of my reading binge (I recently finished Stardance and Extras and Starseed, and I’m working on Snow Crash and See You at the Top and Kevin Kelly’s New Rules) but the more I have in the pile, the faster I’ll read them. Or maybe I’m just a sucker for a good book. Or ten.

My favorite reason to read at the moment: A slew of clever Sethheads are working on an Alternative Alternative MBA—whatever the name turns out to be—and I’m expecting it to be a gloriously wild ride. Here’s a list of the books we’re speculating on. If you originally applied for Seth’s !MBA (or were even just thinking about it) you can and should come join us. No reason like the present to get motivated and productive and supremely self-educated, I say!

Now to find some way to distract myself until I hear the UPS truck…

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