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May 2009

Flipping, Turning (and Scheduling)

by Megan M. on May 20, 2009 · View Comments (Blog) |

May feels to me, strangely, like the turning of the year—as if its pivot is not New Year’s Day, but a certain week in late spring when we all go running around in the wilderness like heathens. I’m sure that if I attended Burning Man, that would feel like the pivot. But because Burning Flipside [...]


Remove the bits that aren’t you.

by Megan M. on May 19, 2009 · View Comments (Blog) |

Sir Ken Robinson quotes Michaelangelo: “I did not make this sculpture. I revealed it. It was there already in the stone. All you have to do is remove the bits that aren’t the David.” Perhaps any personal development is not necessarily so much about building, but also very much about chipping away. Sir Ken’s analogy [...]


Late last week I had a fantastic conversation with Pace and Kyeli Smith, in all of their excellent freakitude, and got to dig up lots of new information about their new website, Freak Revolution, which they launched this morning. We covered subjects like… The new Freak Revolution launch, what it all means and what y’all [...]


Do you know what’s terrifying? THE WHOLE WORLD. The whole world is a scary, horrible, terrifying place that gives no quarter in hours of stress. You can’t run away. You can’t hide. It is always out there, waiting for you. You are expected to just put up with it and be brave and be strong [...]


Today Bob Poole launched his wonderful sales and marketing book, Listen First – Sell Later. I love this book. This is the project I spent so much time focused on editing in February, and I have been incredibly impressed with the content and usefulness and heart of Bob’s writing. I am proud to have been [...]


I recorded this yesterday, but wanted to give Athena a little more airtime—so I held the video post for today.


Sexy Media Monday (or, “Tips, huh?”)

by Megan M. on May 4, 2009 · View Comments (Blog) |

It’s been awhile since we last had a Sexy Media Monday. LONG overdue, I’d say! When Athena sent me her latest article—an entry in Open Salon about 16th birthday vibrators for one’s daughters that I think is positively awesome—I thought to myself, meh, do I want to sign up for Open Salon just to leave [...]