Survival of the Slickest

by Megan M. on July 14, 2009 (Blog) |

This is a wacky road I have decided to walk. I just realized that—without even thinking—I had marked all my Idea Blueprint Girl content by-nc-sa, instead of by-sa. Not because I didn’t want to share it with money-making entities, but because I’ve gotten so used to the idea that we need to keep things from other people who might make money off our hard work, I didn’t even notice the mistake! On a site meant for the free dissemination of ideas, bruiting the dangers of idea “protection”!


I fixed it, of course. If I want people to be able to benefit from my ideas, I don’t want to restrict them to only those who won’t make money from them. As vilified as money gets to be, it’s important to remember that in its purest sense it’s just energy—an exchange of value between individuals and entities. The most balanced way to be able to create value for other people is to be able to receive some kind of value in return. Money isn’t the only way to do that, but it’s the most prevalent way and probably the most logical way, at least for the moment. (Maybe. Accepting challenges on this point.)

The “non-commercial” part of that license is the hard part of the leap for most people, myself included. If I’m not the only person who can make money off my idea, who’s stopping someone else from taking all my business? That thing should be me, not a law. I should be able to ensure my own success by putting forth effort, being quick on my feet, and making the best thing I can possibly make. If my thing is better than someone else’s thing (for my people, that is), if I am clever enough to make something people really want, I’ll be okay.

It’s like natural selection, right? If I am faster than the bear, I don’t have to be lunch. ;}

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