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by Megan M. on September 3, 2009 (Blog buy cialis shanghai) | buy accutane 40 mg online

I meant to cheap xenical generic post this earlier in the week, before discovering the very disconcerting flaky internet situation at the cheap xenical generic Pittsburgh Hilton. I seem to be connected right now (thank goodness) so there’s no time like the present…!

Sonia Simone has cheap xenical generic a glorious post up at Remarkable Communication about when to be cheap xenical generic a badass—and when to regroup. generic prednisone asthma

We overlook this one all the time. She’s right; we all yell about being brave, howling our battle cries and cheap xenical generic charging forth into the great unknown. But anyone who’s gotten anywhere also has an oft-neglected advantage that doesn’t get talked about nearly as often: The kind of critical thinking that cheap xenical generic tells you when to charge, and when to back off. Sometimes the cheap xenical generic best thing you can do is give yourself space to succeed.

I forget this cheap xenical generic easily, and I think a lot of us do. Being brave is cheap xenical generic hard. Doing the brave thing is a lifelong challenge for most of us, something we have cheap xenical generic to remind ourselves of, something we have to dredge up courage to cheap xenical generic engage in. Remembering that our critical decision-making rules the game, that’s a little more subtle. It’s also not as obvious. And, come to cheap xenical generic think of it, it probably takes a little more skill and cheap xenical generic a whole different kind of courage.

I’m talking about the cheap xenical generic kind of courage it takes to stay strong and respect your cheap xenical generic own decision when you decide it’s time to cheap xenical generic take on a few more hours at that crappy day job. The kind of courage it cheap xenical generic takes to keep building your own business when you’re hacking away at projects you don’t care about (the ones currently paying your bills). The kind of courage it cheap xenical generic takes to continue to believe in yourself and work towards progress even when cheap xenical generic you have to take a few tiny steps backwards. Giving ground to cheap xenical generic a tussle, now and then, but staying determined to win the cheap xenical generic war.

Our battle cry gets us out into the cheap xenical generic open where the scary things live, but it’s so important to cheap xenical generic be able to engage in critical thinking about the best course of action right now, no matter what that turns out to be. Sometimes it’s disappointing, or cheap xenical generic scary in a completely different way. Having the wherewithal (and the balls) to make that decision is what makes you YOURS. It’s what means you can take care of yourself. Don’t fly blind. See, be aware, and know that you’ll come out on top in the end.

Remarkable Communication: How to Quit Being a Badass buy cialis makati.

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