Megan M. and the Camera Rig of Doom

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Another live Marty Cam drawing party today at Ustream!


Subject Lines Are For Wimps

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A tidbit from before last night’s festivities:” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” width=”540” height=”435” allowscriptaccess=”always” allowfullscreen=”true”>

Last night we did the rockinest thing: We put Marty up on Ustream with a bunch of rabid art fans and he did commissioned work, live, in front of the Big Bad Internet. It was way more exciting than we even expected. If you’re reading this and you’re one of the people who showed up to support him, dude, thank you. It was thrilling to be broadcasting live with a mob of people in the room, instead of sitting there with no audience feeling like dumbasses. Whew!

We now have a basic plan for what we’re going to do next (i.e., more of THAT!) and when, so if you want to see what we did and plan to join us for the next one, check out Marty’s recap here.

My favorite part was the jury-rigged iSight, taped to a ruler taped to the arm of a tripod. You should see this crazy shit. Who needs technical know-how when you have bright red duct tape?


Why Buy Southwest? Well…

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Marty and I are visiting our families in Ohio for Thanksgiving this year. For some crazy reason, I bought our flights through Southwest.

Why did I do that?

If I had bought American Airlines, I could have gotten wifi on the flight. Hell, if the flight was empty enough, I might have been able to upgrade our seats to First Class for a couple hundred dollars. I would have had a power port for my computer, in any case. If I had bought the flights through Continental, I probably could have had a power port, or wifi, or both.

Why did I buy them through Southwest? Southwest doesn’t let me do any of those things.

When Marty and I flew to Vegas—our first Southwest flight ever—this really cool flight attendant rapped the safety instructions instead of just going through them point by point. This blew our minds. However, I have no reason to expect this experience on other Southwest flights. Maybe the next time I go to Vegas, but I doubt stuff like that happens all the time.

Furthermore, seating is first come first serve on Southwest. So if I pay $10 per flight (that means $40 for Marty and I, round trip) we can get preferred seating and find our seats first. But on American or Continental, I could just choose my seat beforehand and know what to expect.

Of course, Southwest won’t charge us for luggage. But the flights have seemed (so far) a little more expensive on Southwest, anyway. So that doesn’t seem to make much difference. I’m paying for preferred seating instead of luggage, but it feels better to pay for preferred seating instead of luggage. With the luggage, I feel punished. With the preferred seating, I feel like I’m getting a bonus. This is still not a huge point—though I think it’s part of the final effect.

I have examined and examined. The truth is, there’s no logic here. I must have bought Southwest because Southwest seemed NICER.

All of my rational thought suggested that I should go with a different airline—when it came to buying these tickets, I just did what my gut told me to do. Their website is definitely friendlier. Their staff seems friendlier, too. All the seats on Southwest flights are the same. There IS no First Class. But actually, the seats on Southwest flights all seem nicer than your typical run-of-the-mill economy seats. Whatever decisions they have made in their hiring and their design and everything else, they have made me feel positive vibes about Southwest. And these positive vibes have resulted in me buying tickets with them instead of someone else, even though it means going without internet and power ports and the fleeting possibility of a cheap First Class upgrade.

You know how integral my web access is to my ability to make it through the day. So you know how wacky this is.

Even better, I don’t regret the purchase. I’m still perfectly happy to be flying Southwest, even considering this whole thought process.

The power of emotional decisions in marketing, am I right?


Happy Halloween!

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Photo on 2009-10-30 at 20.30 #5


Quit Taking Yourself So Goddamn Seriously

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Enjoying oneself in life—as in sex—depends on being able to take a step back and not take yourself so goddamn seriously. If you’re finding yourself beaten down or depressed, or anxious, or overwhelmed, or over-critical, or self-destructive, just hold your damn horses for a minute and lighten up. LIGHTEN! UP!

Don’t look so stern. Smile.

Stop trying to convince me it’s the end of the world. It isn’t.

Don’t work. Don’t strive. Don’t stress.


If you don’t relax for a minute and enjoy the great wide world wriggling around you, you’re going to give yourself an aneurysm and fall over dead. THEN where will we be? CHILL OUT. Smell the flowers. Crack a joke. Enjoy yourself.

This is the life you’ve got. You’re going to take that factory classic you were born with and mod the bejesus out of it, and you’re going to love every minute. And the only way that’s going to happen—the only way you’re going to be happy—is if you learn to mellow out.

Yeah. You’ve got the idea. See?


Why yes… I have survived! (At least, so far…)

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Yes, I did go gallivanting about Las Vegas with Marty—and learned how to play Blackjack. I didn’t play, though. I watched Marty win. Our companions were generous with their blackjack know-how and I think Marty was up $200 at some point, before he lost $60 of it. (Then he stopped. We’re smart!)

And yes, I did come home and get sick with a lovely flu bug (swine flu, anyone?) and a 103 degree fever and become a captive in my own apartment for the last—oy, the last week or so. I’m teetering towards healthy, and I’m still feeling a bit like crap. Ugh.

But yes, I do seem to have survived, albeit by a very slim margin.


I also hurt my knee (though strangely, not at CrossFit), breezed through six more Spenser novels, crashed a hard drive, learned to fear data loss (again), and upgraded my office (mmmm, new and/or refurbished Apple hardware). I also discovered how bizarre it is to not want food for a whole week… and mostly not eat it, either. That last one is just crazy, and I’m still coming to terms with it. In fact, I’m still getting used to eating again.

I lost my voice, too, but it’s coming back (slowly). By later next week, I expect I’ll be mostly back to normal. As normal as I’m going to get, having met Las Vegas. Yow!

All this is beside the fact that I talked to BBC Radio Wales on Monday, on the air. You’re laughing, because on Monday I was shivering under three blankets and two hot water bottles, and wouldn’t have been very good company. But Roy Noble, clever soul, pre-recorded us the week before. Not bad, hey?

You can listen to the archived stream here (I’m at 1:04.17) for another 12 hours or so before they take it down. Or, you can listen to my fairly crappy bootleg’d mp3 right here:

Roy Noble Interview, BBC Radio Wales (MP3, October 19 2009)

The lovely folks at BBC Radio Wales promised me a nice CD, and once I get that I’ll put up a more permanent recording for your listening pleasure. It’s just a little fifteen minutes, but it’s my fifteen minutes. ;}

And what else is on the docket? I’d like to get better. Can I be healthy, please? Do you know how sick I am of being a prisoner of my bed, or the couch? Lying down is exhaustingly boring. Blech! Potions? Cordials? Magic powders? Somebody fix me!

Well. Not like THAT.


CrossFit Bits & Pieces

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I found this video at the CrossFit Central Women blog, and thought it would be awesome to show you the place I go many mornings and the sorts of things I do. My workouts are nothing like the one Chris does in this video (mine are scaled way down and take me much longer to finish!) but it’ll still give you a rough idea.

Chris, by the way, runs the CrossFit workout I have on Wednesday mornings. His classes are awesome. “Christine” is the name of the workout he’s doing. Check out the look on his face when he’s almost finished and has to (maybe!) convince himself to keep pushing.“>” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” allowscriptaccess=”always” allowfullscreen=”true” width=”540” height=”330”>

The way he seems to have his shit together is something that’s going to stick in my mind the next time I’m almost done with a workout. For some reason, that really resonates with me.

Right now, I’m at CrossFit Central three days a week, Tuesday through Thursday. My Mondays and Fridays got interesting, so I dropped back from the five days a week just for a month or two. I’m still getting a HELL of a workout. And I’m sure gonna miss these while I’m in Vegas!

It continually amazes me that I’m still actually doing it, loving it this much, considering everything going on in my life and various experiments (especially food experiments) that make CrossFit particularly challenging. A few years ago, I doubt I would have stuck with it. Exercise was important to me, but it was still way at the bottom of my list—and something as hardcore as CrossFit would have fallen off the bottom fast. It’s a real pleasure to know these people. I can’t wait to go back to having classes every weekday. Dude.

Can you really believe that something this badass has made such a positive impression on me? That thinking about it makes little happy hearts and rainbows fly around my head? Stars. Lights. We’re talking tinsel, people.

Human beings are complicated and wonderful.