Oh, Gush.

by Megan M. on April 18, 2005 · View Comments (Blog) |

Dear Flickr,

I love you guys. I love you so much. I want to bear your incredibly gracious, Yahoo-merging, user-loving progeny. I admit I never really cared for Yahoo all that much, but your recent actions have turned me around completely. Yahoo is my best friend. Yahoo is funding my clandestine lover and Yahoo must be showered with sweet rice and apple blossoms and tiny, tiny paper angels. And Flickr, Flickr is my rock, my fortress, my secret refuge in the storm, my rain in the desert, my flame in the icy wastes! My heart is for Flickr and Flickr alone. We rock?? We rule?? We are your eternal breathless servants. We are slaves to your whim. Your generosity compells us. Command your army, for we art thine!

Adoration and infinite servitude,

PS: I have one free Flickr Pro account left. Who wants it, and what will you do for it? ;}

  • worldmegan
    Okay, I found out who smiled adoringly at me, and she won. But, I mean, who could blame me? Look how CUTE. I'm not gushing. Don't accuse me of gushing.
  • worldmegan
    But I still don't know who smiled adoringly at me!! ::sniff::
  • Matt
    Yes, yes. I will become one with the Matrix, or something. did I win?
  • dklegman
    @Matt: ONE OF US. ONE OF US.

    *pod people yell*
  • worldmegan
    Yeah, I'm a content whore too. That, after all, is why I got the Flickr account in the first place. :-D
  • Matt
    Call me irresponsible and inconsistent - I'm mainly thinking of getting a flickr account because more of you bloggy people keep getting them, and I am a content whore.
  • worldmegan
    LOL!! Andrew, your desperation utterly entertains me. I'm glad you got one, in any case. :P But who is this anonymous person here? Who is smiling adoringly at me? hmmmm?
  • Anonymous
    I will say please, and smile adoringly at you.
  • badly dubbed boy
    Damn, too late... I got one off my very good friend. I'm sure I can find another very deserving Welsh person if you're truly desperate ;-)
  • badly dubbed boy
    me! me! Me! I'm begging you!

    I'm getting down on my knees, and singing you a Welsh aria about all things snuggly, cute and bunny-like. With hints of flaming Celtic passions unleashed - if you give me a Flickr Pro account. Then I can drown you with images of all things Welsh!

    please? :)
  • worldmegan
    This from the guy who said he doesn't need a Flickr account? ::giggle:: Change your mind? ;}
  • Matt
    Well, I could buy you a bubble tea, next time you get down here...
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