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by Megan M. on June 30, 2005 · View Comments (Blog) |

Our first item of business: Today is the Klegman’s birthday and must be recognized as such. Happy birthday, dude! I hope you get way better presents than wicked Jeep vandalization, and I hope you have a spiffy month. Because really, a day is nothing. It’s your birth-month! (I hope people remember this generous comment when it’s my birth-month… :-D)

Also, it has occured to me that the birth-month ought to begin on the birthday… especially if the birthday falls at the end of the month, case in point. (Save!)

My week so far goes like this: On Monday I worked ahead of myself, thereby making up for Tuesday, which I spent at Cedar Point with Marty and Missy. Not only did I totally work every ounce of muscle tissue in my entire body, but I got to ride roller coasters and spend time with with my favorite people. Tuesday rocked. Let’s see – then we have Wednesday. Wednesday was yesterday. Mostly I just worked yesterday, making sure nothing got overlooked. Sitting at a desk all day, in case you happen to be interested, is not the best way to stretch sore muscles. Ow. I should go to Cedar Point every day. Do you think they have free wifi?

Wednesday night I had Bailey’s and pizza at Avalon Gardens, courtesy of Marty. (Thank you thank you!) I got to sit next to Missy. Sitting next to Missy is just about the best thing on the planet. So we stayed awhile and then all went home. It was Very Good™.

Today I botched up the timing on an early morning call, and feel like a bit of a dunce. But I’m going to make up for that by trying very hard not to be a dunce the rest of the day, too. Whaddaya think? Start your betting, ladies and gentlemen. ;}

  • worldmegan
    Okay, who's pickin' me up? :-D
  • Dave
    Thank you for the kind words!

    I'm going to toss around confetti now. :)
  • Matt
    I think you should come visit - we're going out to dinner with Dave. :D
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