The Feast of the Holy Chainsaw

by Megan M. on August 26, 2005 (Blog) |

Today was Marty’s birthday. He had oodles of fun, and the rest of us, well, we did good too! Oh yes, I’m back-posting – what I’m actually doing at the moment of this time stamp is having far too much of a good time. Besides which, it looks like the weekend’s celebrations will hardly slow down once the birthday has passed, and I can’t say I’m unhappy about it. :P

There isn’t anyone on the planet like this boy – or in space, neither. (Have to take space cowboys into account, that’s important.)

I’ve known Marty for a long time, but I’ve only really gotten to know him well in the last year or so. He thinks in amazing ways – he has these nuclear creative energies that go right off the gauge. He is the most evil, terrible person I’ve ever met, and not only that – he is one of the kindest and most goodhearted. In case you’re wondering, it takes style to pull that off.

I’ve changed a lot in the last year, and it’s largely Marty’s doing. Don’t be fooled by the ambiguity here – the changes I’m talking about have made me the person I am right now, and I really like the person I am right now.

Furthermore, he is nice when I need a nice person and awful when I need an awful person, he carries on the most fabulous conversations, and he didn’t trade me to the Viking for twenty boxes when he had the opportunity. And really, that’s that.

But this is still the most important thing. I have to tell him the most important thing again, so it’s very clear. (Are you ready?)

I am an incredibly different creature because you’ve been my friend, and I can’t adequately express how much that means to me. Thank you so, so much.

There, I’m done. Have a wonderful birthday weekend, cutie. :}

PS. He also looks HOT in a kilt.

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