The Boots: WorldMegan Review

by Megan M. on August 8, 2005 · View Comments (Blog) |

…And when I say ‘WorldMegan Review’, I know it sounds like a fun burlesque getup, but it’s not – I’m just going to tell you what I think about these boots. I hope that sounds okay, ‘cause that’s what you’re getting!

I ordered two pairs of these boots from because the price had been cut almost in half – TWICE. (It’s possible I’m hallucinating this, because I don’t have historical proof of what the price was the first time I saw it… but I’m pretty sure.) They’re called Caterpillar Disclosures – big black lace-up leather boots. I wanted a pair for cons and a pair for the barn, since the on-site Zappos reviews were so unbelievably good.

Dealing with Zappos so far has been a pretty exemplary experience. I almost always compare online retailers to because Amazon seems to really have ecommerce down. Zappos does awfully well in the face of Amazon, and that’s saying a LOT. I’ve been really happy with the way they’ve done everything so far – I may never buy another pair of shoes from a storefront.

Here’s the description Zappos uses, more or less. These are rugged, lace-up combat boots with extremely soft, full grain leather uppers. (Does uppers mean the outside?) It says ‘cement construction’ and I just don’t know what that means. The shaft height is 11.5” – these go all the way up to my knee. The leather is wonderfully soft. When I opened the box I sat there for several minutes just pressing my cheek to the leather, it was so nice. They say the boots are black with a blue tint, which I suppose is right. They seem like a matte black, maybe even a lightish black to me. I don’t see any blue, but maybe that’s what blue tint means.

Walking around in these boots the first day was a little uncomfy. The reason? I wasn’t wearing socks. And they were a little uncomfy. Do you get what I’m saying?

So, I bought socks. I tried them with one pair of pretty thick socks and my heel still rose up when I walked, so for the Great Lakes Medieval Faire I wore two pairs of thick black knee-highs. This worked really well. It worked even better when I got someone with forearm strength to tighten the laces for me, especially around the arch of my foot. I’m such a weakling. Incredibly, after almost eight hours in two pairs of black socks and tall leather boots, I wasn’t soaked in sweat. The boots weren’t even stinky! And I have worn horse boots all my life. They are always gross to get out of when you’re done, with all the dirt on the outside and all the sweat on the inside. Ick! But these boots must breathe, or SOMETHING, because I didn’t have that problem at all. Ask the people who drove home with me from the Faire!

Furthermore, the only thing that ever really hurt was the tips of my toes, because I had the socks on a little too tight. I had little bruises here and there from the wrinkles in the leather pressing against my feet and my ankles, but I don’t feel them at all a day later. My feet do not hurt.

Let me say that again.


My feet don’t hurt!!

My legs ache some from all the walking we did all day, but my feet don’t hurt. They don’t hurt even a little. I felt around for bruised bits and there aren’t any – they must’ve healed overnight, because they weren’t bad in the first place. Dude, my feet hurt when I spend a day walking around in tennis shoes or sandals. We do a lot of walking at the Faire. I wore my leather Diesels two weeks ago and my feet even hurt then. How is it that my feet don’t hurt today!?

I’ll tell you how. These boots are GOD’S BOOTS.

There. I said it.

For forty dollar boots, they’re incredible. Incredible, I say! And now that I’m dissolving into excited, incomprehensible babble… it’s the end of the review. That’s it. No more dancing nekkid Megans.

You can take a look at these boots here, at Gurgle.

  • Matt
    Good walking boots are a lot like getting a new set of legs, in my experience. Especially if you go to somewhere like Hitchcock that will actually measure and map your feet (very odd experience, that...a nice man with calipers and a charcoal pencil making tracings of my feet and then notating them with measurements, while telling me the entire time to NOT MOVE. But damn, the shoes and boots were nice.)

    Additionally: We now have to put you on Vegas in your own fantastic burlesque show. There will be dancing and cake.
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