Violet Blue

by Megan M. on September 27, 2005 · View Comments (Blog) |

This is the most recent entry in a weblog called ‘tiny nibbles’, written by a woman whose name is Violet Blue. She’s a sex writer and adult media reviewer, among other utterly cool things (repeat after me: machine artist). She’s an incredible blogger and a fascinating person. That said, if you’re in a place where people are easily offended, or if you yourself have a problem gaining objective learning from lifestyles you aren’t personally familiar with, you might want to reconsider clicking on the link I’m going to give you. Then again, you might want to take another look at yourself and your workplace, and click anyway.

“We need more human witnesses. And please don’t underestimate how much we need them to blog and document their experiences. This is not Fox or CNN; this is us, as people. We need to be the media more than ever. If you have a blog, even if it’s just about knitting, don’t stop blogging. And don’t ever be afraid to blog about your aunt dying on your knitting blog; technology is giving us back our capacity to be more human than ever.”

I sat down to read a perfectly normal blog entry and realized that if you really listen closely, you can get incredible insight from what she’s saying. Maybe that’s what makes the best writers. Somewhere in the middle, she hits you in the head with an existential two-by-four, just to make sure you’re paying attention. And then she goes back to feeding you revelatory tidbits, tiny pieces. Tiny nibbles, even.

Her entry is largely about the Webzine 2005 convention, but she says a lot of other things, too. Violet’s entry can be found here. If you don’t want to read it at work, I understand. But go home and read it later. (And hell, I’m posting it after hours. Plenty of time before bed.)

  • Chris Black
    I think you're hot. Violet blue is hot.
    The two of you together... is very hot.

    I have to go shower now...
  • worldmegan
    Dude, isn't she nifty?
  • badly dubbed boy
    You read her too? Wow... :)
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