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At Emii’s suggestion I took a look at inderdictor’s LiveJournal blog to see how New Orleans was shaping up. What I found completely blew me away… and I haven’t even finished reading yet.

Guys… we live our sheltered little lives and we barely pay attention to what’s going on elsewhere. This disaster and that disaster, we hear it on the news, we feel bad, we say we’d like to do something. But we aren’t really doing anything. We can’t actually do anything – we can send money, we can pray. We can uproot ourselves and go move supply crates, but I bet we’d have to walk in from the city limits. And who of us has that option, with the resources we have? Not many, and not enough.

I’ve been preoccupied the last few days, and I’ll most likely be preoccupied for the next few, too. I took a look at the Red Cross’s run-down regarding Katrina. They’re still asking for money and volunteers, and that’s what we should give them if at all possible. I know that many of us have no way to give either – but we can spread the word, and we can give our time to make sure everyone who can help will do their damnedest.

I suppose what I’m feeling is ‘distraught’, and I know I’m not isolated in that respect. I just hadn’t had a chance to process this information until now, and it seems so late to have done so! I have wonky Disney music drifting in from the laser show across the lake and it isn’t doing anything for my distraught.

We’ll do whatever we can, right?

  • Nikki
    It is all distinctly reminiscent of Alas, Babylon. (Post-nuclear apocalypse novel.)
  • worldmegan
    I'm just imbuing everyone with the traits I'm uncomfortable with in myself, I guess. I knew it was happening, I felt bad... and I looked up, and it had turned into wicked mayhem futurism land. :/
  • Nikki
    Speak for yourself! I'm paying attention! ;/ (My LiveJournal is, if anything, full of an excess of paying attention to the hurricane and its aftereffects. ^^;;)
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