Wow. I’ve got to watch more C-SPAN.

by Megan M. on October 7, 2005 · View Comments (Blog) |

This is exciting stuff.

You might have missed the sarcasm… since I’m typing, and all.

I just watched a video of the “adults” in our country’s government behaving… um… shamefully. (A little bit like children. Children with enough knowledge of the law to know when they can take advantage of it?) I caught this on the news earlier and then Googled it this evening to see what had actually been going on. Does this happen all the time? People behave this way? Pelosi deserved the applause she got.

Dude, maybe I should make my career moves in the direction of Europe. Oof. Mess. Is Europe a mess? (That’s kind of a broad question and doesn’t require an answer… I suppose.)

Reuters’ article explaining the situation is here. The video I watched is here. Gilchrest, I don’t know you or anything about you… but… Jesus.

Also, dude. What the hell DOES consititute a proper parlimentary inquiry?

  • MyriadBlue
    This is pretty much par for the course, hon.

    And no, things aren't really any better in Europe.... You just have more political parties doing it.

    ::begin rant::

    I am thoroughly and utterly disgusted by our government. Between the neo-fascist/theocratic republican agenda and the clueless pandering of the democrats, we are pretty much screwed. The government is spending beyond our means and our biggest rivals are the ones loaning us the money.

    Where is the independent press to report on all of this? Owned by the same corporate interests that are trying to get the government to legislate their continued profitability and beholding to those same politicians and their stockholders to keep up the bottom line.

    Unfortunately there is little solace to be found in the judiciary either. With the Supreme Court already making political decisions in 2000 and now faced with a blatant political appointee in the form of Harriet Miers, who serves as a proxy to ensure that the Bush political agenda is followed on the court, rather than a jurist with a merely conservative reading of the constitution.

    We need to start teaching civics to our children again. Make sure they understand the principles that this country was founded on and understand how the government is SUPPOSED to work. Of course, by then it may well be too late and we'll rue the day we allowed them to take away our second ammendment rights.

    ::end rant::
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