by Megan M. on November 5, 2005 · View Comments (Blog) |

Has anyone seen the moon tonight? When I left the house at a quarter to seven, it was hanging low in the sky, a slender, dusky golden crescent. It looked like it might be suspended by chickenwire. Invisible chickenwire. Or fishing line. It had one star above and to its right. They were a perfect pair. I couldn’t stop looking at it! But by the time I headed back home a couple of hours later, the moon was nowhere to be found. It’s not even that cloudy out. Did I imagine it?

I had a wonderful sushi dinner with Mat and Abby, and I think I’m going to relax the rest of the evening. I have a bottle of Hakushika Junmai Ginjo sake that I think I’ll kill, since I have sushi in my tummy. And I think I’ll watch a nice movie, or some more Firefly.

I don’t have a lot of experience with different kinds of sake, but this bottle is one I haven’t tried before tonight. It tastes delicious, and reminds me of the eel sauce from dinner. Excellent. Incredible. It’s a little strange drinking sake from a bottle, but you’ve gotta try new things, it keeps life interesting. :P

I think tonight will be a good night.

And I think I’ll leave this bottle room temperature. I usually prefer hot sake, but Marty likes it at room temperature. I haven’t figured out why yet, so I think I’ll try it his way. (Or maybe I’m just too lazy to go downstairs and heat it up?)

If you see that moon, call me. I’m going to have to keep poking my head out my window all night, looking for the damn thing… it was. So. Cool.

  • Angel
    I saw it! Since I was standing out at the Dell Diamond all night volunteering with the Light the Night Walk to fight blood cancers, I had ample opportunity to glance up and see how pretty it was. I know that both Mars and Venus have been bright in the skies this season, so wasn't sure which planet it was that was being such a lovely companion accent to the moon. Sure was lovely though!
  • Jack
    Actually, I'm sorry- it was Venus! :p
  • Jack
    The moon has been beautiful lately, and I believe its companion "star" is Mars.
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