Flowers for the HVE Network

by Megan M. on January 17, 2006 (Blog) |

(The originating post for this whole alarming situation, if you would like to catch up, can be found here.)

I gave Vonage another call today at half six. The very first answer I got was a woman who sounded like she’d been there all day. She was yawning. Now and then throughout the conversation, I couldn’t help but feel that she was at least giddily overworked, and perhaps a slim chance of there being alcohol or happy drugs involved. That said, she was patient with me as I explained my strange situation, and although she said technically it was my fault, she said she’d help me anyway because she was nice. So she waived my termination fee and my setup fee, and got down to business putting everything back to rights. I think I said something lame, like I don’t agree with you but I’m grateful for your help anyway! I used a cheery voice. I was as nice to this woman as possible, because she was being nice to me – something I hadn’t gotten from a lot of Vonage representatives (especially the ones whose accents I could understand).

We went through the motions for a few minutes. I was feeling on top of the world! But then she paused to correct a strange billing error, and disappeared.

It was sort of like being put on hold, except she never came back.

This is not only the second time it’s happened – just the second time it’s happened this week.


I called back. And I got Shauntee on the phone. Shauntee, I wish I could spell your name properly, you were so helpful! You were nice, and polite, and cheerful, and you told me finally that I’d been speaking with Joanne and she’d be giving me a call back on my cell phone within the next few minutes!


So now I’m waiting to hear back from Joanne, and kind of thinking that I have hooked in to a tiny network of Helpful Vonage Employees. Whatever gods are out there, please, please, please keep me in good favor with these girls. Please don’t give me back the dude with the thick mumbly accent. I would even take Good-Tempered Muhammed from India over the dude with the thick mumbly accent. I have been good, I promise. (Did you see those posts I wrote on Ireland!? Gold!!)

I’ll update as this progresses, assuming it works out and my fingers don’t fall off. ;}

(More finally happened! Take a look here.)

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