Vonage Issues Solved! Woo!

by Megan M. on January 17, 2006 (Blog) |

(The original explanation for your supreme catching up purposes can be found here. The last update was here. Go to town.)

I am totally on the phone with Joanne, and she is totally solving all my problems. She does freelance video work at home, and she works at Vonage as her regular job. Someone give this woman a raise! With the possible (and not verifiable) exception of Shauntee, Joanne is the only person I’ve spoken to who has held onto me despite disconnections, and truly been of great assistance!

So I’ve been charged $83.53, and refunded $40.84 (termination fee), then refunded the activation fee ($29.99) and the shipping fee ($9.95, since I’m using the same old router I already had). The account is set up and functional, and now we’re submitting a ticket to get back my toll free number (my precious, darling toll free number that happens to spell ‘vmagpie’) and possibly my original regular 330 area code number.

Pant, wheeze, gasp. This is complicated!

It’s costing me $16.93 to get the toll free number transferred back to this new account, but with everything else fixed, am I honestly going to complain? I think not! And of course, that’s a little like They finally found me flights to get me to Dublin before New Year’s Eve, am I really going to give them shit?? You bet I ain’t! (Although some have suggested otherwise… and that I should have gotten an upgrade to business class, or somethin’).

Success, success!!

So now, here’s the plan. The automatic numbers generated for the new account don’t work, because my old router is still keyed to the original numbers. The ticket was submitted to Tier 3, and within 48 hours they will have switched the old numbers to my account, and my router should just, poof, work, maybe with a reboot. If I haven’t heard from anyone by Friday, I will email Joanne (who gave me her email address!) and we will figure it out!

How’s THAT sound, huh!?

…Should I have argued over that last $16.93?

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