by Megan M. on March 25, 2006 · View Comments (Blog) |

I know I haven’t finished the updates I started. I got dragged off to Aggiecon by friends (and by my own conscience) when none of the above would take no for an answer, and with the help of some creative financing, I’m in College Station, a couple hours from Austin.

We’re listening to one of Todd’s panels entitled “Multi-Media Future” and I warned him pre-panel that we’d be live-blogging every word that came out of his mouth… but I have to tell you, I am not up to live-blogging anybody this weekend! I’m not even sure how I got here, with the frazzle that is the Megan after schlepping my whole life (and Marty’s) 1400 miles from home. Granted, he did most of the driving.

We’ve seen a few cute panels since we got here – Sci-Fi After Star Wars, Sex in Sci-Fi, that sort of thing. Nice to listen to the smart folks chat, nice to have thoughts of my own, as tired as I am, but if I sit too long just listening, I seem to get sleepy. And that’s not surprising – stress levels have gone above and beyond the 100% mark and I am running on the mere fumes of sanity. But be proud of me! I got extra sleep last night and lazed around this morning… and today I am perky and full of something, if not quite vim or vigor. Speculate as you may.

Plans for the remainder of the weekend include eating, sleeping, and conning. (Not in that order, I’m afraid.) We will skip back to the dealer room before seven tonight to drool over the merchandise we cannot afford, we will have a good dinner, we will come for the half-day tomorrow and we will head back to Austin, where I am certain I will find my motivation to be normal (as normal as I get) waiting for me, looking lonesome.

  • Joan
    Dear Megan I am following you and Martys adventures avidlyEverything must must be a beautiful blur.I am trying to imagine Austin.I will check all my sources.Love to you and Marty
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