Jewel Cases

by Megan M. on March 6, 2006 · View Comments (Blog) |

I just finished sorting through all the cds I’ve accumulated over maybe ten years, and I have to tell you something I’ve learned.

Jewel cases are ridiculous.

Why do we use jewel cases? I mean, except for really special albums – I’m keeping my operas enjeweled because they’re very nice sets. But for most of my cds… the jewel case just takes up an obscene amount of space. Even saving the cds and the booklets… tossing the jewel cases already has saved me actual cubic feet in packing room. Tell me that’s not incredible.

The idea wasn’t mine – it was Marty’s. In fact, I think if he hadn’t mentioned getting rid of all his jewel cases, it wouldn’t have even occured to me to go through and separate my cds to bring them with me. I was just going to leave them here, and I wasn’t all that happy about it. I don’t use cds all that often anymore, because of the iPod, but I do like them and I do want to keep them, they’re my obsolete little buddies. Dude, I found my Amy Grant album, the first cd I ever, ever, ever bought. And I threw the jewel case away, because the jewel case was annoying me and taking up space and had no intrinsic connection to that album’s place in my heart. Ha!

So, that’s that. Next I think I pile away books I don’t need, and box some of them for Emily. That is, if I can find enough boxes. I do seem to be running out of boxes. Yeek.

Anyway, the lesson for today: Jewel cases suck. Kill them all. (Er, most of them.)

  • worldmegan
    See, I would agree with you - if I EVER used my cds. I don't - they're all but glorified backups for my desktop hard drive and my iPod. The ONLY circumstance in which I need them is if something goes kaput... and that hasn't happened... maybe since the month I bought the iPod? So in all likelihood, the cds will stay snug in their pockets for the rest of my life. And I wish I could say that I might sell some of them someday... but I can't see it happening. :-D

    I appreciate the input, though - you're right, I gave the jewel cases a bad rap. ::blusH!::
  • RJC
    Begone from my sight, filthy CD scratcher!

    Without jewel cases, the CDs become scuffed from whatever sleeve, pocket, or stack they are stored in. My CDs are only ever in one of two places. In the CD player, or in their jewel case, and my CDs all look like they are brand new. I like it that way.

    However, now I just rip all of my CDs, and never touch them again. They do take up a lot of space. They are obsolete. Regardless, as long as I have CDs, I'll have jewel cases. Obsolete stuff can be sold on eBay if it is in pristine condition.
  • Heather Freeman
    The only reason I've ever found for keeping jewel cases is that you can't sell off used CDs without them in most cases.

    Still hardly worth the room they take up.
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