Remember what I said about Tuscaloosa?

by Megan M. on March 21, 2006 · View Comments (Blog) |

Well, I wasn’t kidding.

Our tale continues the morning of March 16th, at the Tuscaloosa Quality Inn. If you’re interested in my Flickrd from that day, they’re here. The following I will put behind a link, for I find myself unable to explain the following situation without profanity. Or my caps lock.

In the morning, we were awoken by, I shit you not, FUCKING HAMMERS.

There was some kind of fucking construction going on in the rooms right around us. Above us. To the left of us. To the right of us. Even in the room next door.

I called the front desk, and I was very sweet when I informed them that there was hammering going on.

He said he was sorry.

I thought about what in our hotel room I might use as a bludgeon.

I said, very sweet, maybe a little annoyed, but very very sweet… can we have a discount? I mean, we drove fourteen hours yesterday… and we just wanted to sleep well for one night… and dude, if this didn’t just totally suck.

He knocked fifteen dollars off a seventy dollar room. Just like that! I’m not saying that Tuscaloosa is not still totally annoying, but factoring in tax and all, we got a 25% break. That one man: I applaud you. Tuscaloosa: You still piss me off.

We got showers (effectively sandblasting our outermost layers of skin, such was the water pressure) and felt better. The hammering got louder. Louder. And all told, I wasn’t in a bad mood… but Tuscaloosa? Tuscaloosa BITES.

We blew that popsicle stand and found ourselves hearty Waffle House breakfasts. (Excellent Waffle House, in Tuscaloosa.)

We came through Meridian, then into Summerland. We stayed at a hunting camp with some of Marty’s family. We didn’t rest a whole lot. We drove quite a bit. We got lost… far too many times. There was a Walmart. There was even a McDonald’s with wifi. There wasn’t much else.

And that’s it for the 16th. Lots more coming.

  • worldmegan
    I'm pretty sure if we had driven through straight to Austin, we would've hit Arkansas instead of 'Bama, Mississippi and Louisiana. We sure as hell wouldn't have hit Tuscaloosa... ::chortle::
  • Emii
    Whooooo I wanna drive to Austin! Sounds like fun in the sun for everyone...
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