Getting Home, Addendum

by Megan M. on August 12, 2006 · View Comments (Blog) |

FedEx quoted me almost seven hundred dollars to get my things home safely. Ha ha, little do they know I don’t have seven hundred dollars!! Suckers!!

So, of course, I have more thinking to do.

I may have to cancel or dramatically shorten my visit in Dublin, which bums me out – but if it gets me home with my luggage intact, it will have to work out that way. I haven’t heard what’s going on with the choir tomorrow, and am concerned about that – but I will just have to wait to hear from them, because I can’t find my contact numbers. Here is my new plan – tell me what you think:

I will purchase a laptop box. The laptop will go in the box, the box will go in my large suitcase. Most of my electronics will go into my laptop bag – and that will go in the large suitcase, too.

I will put my easily replaceable clothes and vitamins into small boxes to be shipped – that shouldn’t be nearly as expensive, and they won’t be very heavy. I will give my medium suitcase and the backpack Cheryl bought me (::whine!::) to my family to take with them, since they need more bags and I need less bags and it will save them the cost of buying new ones. And if this all works, it leaves me with one, pretty heavy, giant suitcase, filled with my laptop and my electronics and books and my expensive clothes, that will most likely get through TSA all right. Please, please, please. God protect my office!

So that’s my plan.

The only problem is the whisky. The duties are paid – customs isn’t a problem. But I don’t think the bottles are going to fit safely into the suitcase with the laptop paraphernelia. I might be able to squish them in, but squishing isn’t the name of the game – if I don’t pad everything especially, they’re certainly in danger of breaking. And then I’ll have to suck the whisky out of my clothing, and cut my mouth on broken glass, because that’s perfectly good whisky!

I’m at my wit’s end. If I can just get home, altogether, it will be fine. I just have to figure out how to get home.

Thank you for all your suggestions earlier, here and on LiveJournal – I did read, although I haven’t responded to anything yet. There has to be a solution to all of this. I just have to concentrate. And any other thoughts you have are utterly appreciated.

  • Aunt Cheryl
    Hi Megan,

    Can you abide "one" more "helpful hint?" Take the two bottles of whiskey, put them, individually, in layers of plastic bags and secure the tops of them with rubberbands, then wrap them burrito style in layers of clothes and an outer layer of books on all four sides and in between, to make a sort of 1 inch think box (made of the books) on outside of the padding directly on the inside of the back pack. Get the little airline accesible padlocks, lock the zipper ends together, tag it and then check the bookbag with your other luggage.

    So it's plastic wrapped whiskey, rolled in clothing, armoured by books, bundled up in the back pack! That should survive the apocalypse! Almost sounds like something to eat!

    Your laptop, wrapped in a sweater or something, in the case, in the middle of your other things, packed tightly, should be fine. "Gift wrap" each electronic thingy in an article of clothing and stuff them in tighly so things don't shift, Just like you said, if you need to ship anything, ship the light weight bulky stuff because it's by the pound... If you need help with shipping I have a UPS account, but I don't know if it will work coming from that direction. I'll have to check.

    The final thing you need to do is put a big red sticker on the outside that says DANGER EXPLOSIVES, that way they will handle it with the upmost of care! LOL! Sorry just teasing couldn't quite restrain myself on that one.... I guess you could mark it FRAGILE - GLASS, but that sounds a little boring....

    For any meds and vitamins you want to take on the flight, get some big zip lock type clear bags, that should make it easier, remember to leave all pills in their original bottles. And no liquid medications can be carried on...

    Any way, right or wrong, that's what I would do....

    Love you, and I'm praying that the solution will present itself to you directly.... Sounds like you're mostly there already

    Yikes! It's twelve thirty I better go before I turn into a pumpkin....prehaps I already have!

    Happy, Safe Travels, my dear.

    Cuddles and a smoochie on the cheek!

    A C
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