Mrr! (Scattered Details…)

by Megan M. on August 13, 2006 (Blog) |

Yesterday, there was a couple in the market who stopped me near the Welsh booth and said, “Weren’t you in the stage competition Thursday?” and told me how much they’d enjoyed my performance.

And last night, the nice cute fellow at the desk – the one who sings on the night shift – he came over to where I was intarwubbing and grinned and said, “Have you seen the paper!?” The paper I was in. Hee!

And then, a woman in the lobby this morning, “Excuse me – I just wanted to tell you that we really, really enjoyed your singing in the stage competition. It was really lovely, we thought you did beautifully.” Very polite, very sincere. What fabulous people!

David says, Just wait until you’re getting hounded for autographs! Well, I’m not enough of a celebrity for that, so I’m just going to enjoy this while it lasts. ;}

Dad and I walked all around yesterday – I didn’t bother to shower. I was too tired. So grimy Megan and happy Daddy walked all around the shops. We went to Boots for batteries and ibuprofin and we went to the market to walk around. I bought Cadbury creme eggs, right there, not even Easter! Three for forty pence. We ate Spanish tapas in a gorgeous restaurant down from the top of Castle Square. We just had a little bit of lunch, and it was delicious. (I can cross off my 101/1001 tapas item now!) And then, later that evening, we convinced everyone – Mom, Grandma, Margaret, with me and Dad – to have dinner at the same place, La Tasca. Mom adored it, as I suspected she would. I had sangria and some kind of fabulous sticky sweet liquor, lots of neat new foods and a chocolatey dessert. I was in heaven.

I finally got a hold of Graham this morning, having been graciously provided with his number. Why do I keep losing phone numbers? But we’re going to try to make some plans for today, regardless of what they turn out to be, and he says he saw me in the Western Mail, in the newspaper, this morning. More newspapers!

I sang good.

I had a beautiful hot shower this morning, so I’m all clean now. And I’ve had lots of input about options I have for getting myself and everything else safely home, and I think I just might be able to manage it. Do you think I can do it? I am feeling a little more optimistic this morning.

Grandma and Mom picked me up presents! In honor of your accomplishments, Grandma said, and we all giggled. They bought a beautiful Lewis tartan scarf, scratchy with amazing colors, it looks great on me! And they bought a fabulous Davies tartan shawl. The two even match, the colors are the same and the patterns are only slightly different. I’m so excited, I have all these tartans now! I have a Morris tartan and a Davies tartan and a Lewis tartan – and maybe sometime I can get a Lewis tartan shawl, as well.

And now my family is talking about going to Dublin with me, because Gatwick is feeling rather iffy these days. And that makes me very happy, that I won’t be all by myself most of the trip home! I will have company on the train, on the ferry, and maybe even for my flight to Newark, if we can all get on the same flight. It sounds like it could be possible for us all to get a flight at 9am, straight from Dublin to Newark… and if we can do that, I would be very pleased.

But we’ll see.

What a mess!

Now – I’m hearing from different sources that my laptop isn’t allowed on the flight, or it is allowed on the flight. But my mother says that if I have a laptop shipping box, it can go into luggage on the same flight as me, which is even better than shipping it, plus it’s in a safely padded box. And if I’m going with my family, there’s a much better chance that I can get myself and all my bags all to the right places.

I am very, very hungry.

I had strange dreams last night. One of them was about Marty and I both working in some huge office building. He was designing type of some sort, I was copy editing. And there was another dream, but I’m having trouble remembering it. I can almost bring up the feelings it engendered, but… not quite.

I suppose it doesn’t matter.

It’s almost time for lunch.

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