by Megan M. on August 13, 2006 · View Comments (Blog) |

Mom and Dad just returned with two very nice rolling hardcases – suitcases that are hard all the way around, to protect the contents. I’ll put my whole laptop bag inside, padded around it with clothes. That will be fine.

I packed the whisky in my luggage as many of you suggested – that’s going to be fine, too.

I have enough room, now. I also have too many bags.

Let’s think about this.

I can attach the large suitcase and the medium suitcase the way I did before, with straps. I can put my bath bag inside my large suitcase, like last time. I can put my backpack on my back. And I bet if I am very very clever, I can bungee cord this new little hardcase to my two strapped suitcases.

And I’ll have my family there to help me, if I absolutely need help. I won’t be alone.

Does this sound crazy, or does it sound like it will work? Ha!

  • worldmegan
    Dude!! Road trip to Austin! Score! We'll all go to Wales one day, it'll be fun. :P I love hearing from you!
  • stephanie
    megan! i've been looking at your blog the past few days, reading about wales and such and not bothering to comment because i'd get distracted or something. but i'm glad you commented on my blog and it made me happy. so... i'm so proud that you got second place! i wish i could have seen it. it would have been delightful to hear all the welsh... i love languages. maybe if you go again someday i'll travel to wales to see you! or maybe i'll just road trip down to austin :) anyway, good luck with packing and flying, etc. have fun!
  • Aunt Cheryl
    My dear Megan, I think you'uve got it! Yay! Enjoy! LYB AC!
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