All Hail FSM!

by Megan M. on October 24, 2006 (Blog) |

We have a little bit of fabulous Halloween drama going on around here! Sweet pretty Green posted about it in her blog, but I’m going to paraphrase here for your reading enjoyment. It’s very important that the world be alerted to Halloween dramas like these – especially involving people I love as dearly as Marty. :}

Green writes:

So you want to make me a happy Greenbean? Here’s how:

My friend Marty who is an amazing artist of the starving artist variety has created a beautifully artistic rendition of the Flying Spagetti Monster as carved into the side of a pumpkin. He chose the most elaborate and artistic design of Flying Spagetti Monster there is and carved it rather flawlessly into a pumpkin, leaving the actual pumpkin intact and not hollowed out – which is my favorite form of pumpkin carving.

Now, you may ask yourselves why Marty would do such a thing. Well, as I mentioned, Marty is an artist, and a pretty hungry one at that. This creation was specifically for the purpose of entering a contest, the prize of which is $500. That’s a good amount of food for our poor, hungry Marty.

So you should totally go vote! He’s currently going back and forth with another pumpkin that does, indeed, have a great idea attached to it, but is in no way an artistic match for the precision and artistry of Marty’s pumpkin. It’s a good pumpkin, and we all like it… but Marty’s is the best, no doubt! (Not to mention the fact that we love Marty a lot.)

So go vote because: – Marty’s pumpkin is awesome. – You can vote once a day per IP address, so please vote every day and from multiple computers if you can! – The other pumpkin very obviously has its own following of voters, so we just need to make ours bigger. – Marty is a great artist who needs some food and definitely deserves $500. – It will make me happy. And you love me, right? So go vote.

And if that’s not enough to convince you to vote, here’s a picture of Marty.


Isn’t he cute? He’s adorable, right? So vote for his pumpkin if for no other reason than he is one hot piece of man. Come on… be shallow.

The link to vote is here:

Marty’s pumpkin is number 7. For those interested, there are more pictures of the pumpkin from different angles and lights here, so you can appreciate the brilliance of Marty’s carving. It’s a really great carving and he deserves to win. So please, please go vote! And if you really love the pumpkin or FSM or me, then post this on your own journal and get your friends to vote. This race is close, and I want Marty to win so bad!

I will heart you forever if you go vote for me. You can vote every day if you remember, but if you don’t, then I’ll definitely appreciate just one or two votes. Every vote counts.

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