Jumping to the Punch

by Megan M. on October 26, 2006 (Blog) |

Now… this is interesting.

“One of the ways people really get into trouble is that they play psychiatrist with their own parts without being qualified. They interpret the messsages they get from their own parts. So they begin to feel something and they name it ‘fear,’ when it may be some form of excitement, or some kind of aliveness, or anything. By naming it and then acting as if that is the case, they misinterpret their own internal communication as easily as they misinterpret communication externally.”

~ Richard Bandler & John Grinder,
Frogs Into Princes: Neuro Linguistic Programming

I’m right in the middle, I don’t want to stop reading yet but I really had to put something down here. We’re talking about reframing and we’re talking about things we do that we don’t want to do, or things we don’t want to do that we do. We’re talking about the difference between our conscious and unconscious, where the conscious mind has tried everything it can come up with to stop or start a behavior, but the unconscious mind has, well, made its mind up, and that’s that. But the unconscious mind, it’s doing this or not doing this for a reason – it’s protecting the self, it has a purpose. And we’re talking about getting in touch with that unconscious, forget talking to the conscious mind, the conscious mind doesn’t know what’s going on or it would have fixed it already. And we ask it questions and we listen to the signals, but we don’t use words – just feelings, pictures, sounds. Words are too subject to false interpretation, we’re saying to just experience these things and identify them, and move on from there.

So many of us experience but do not identify – we jump right to the punch.

And then if the punch turns out to be wrong… well!

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