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by Megan M. on November 5, 2006 (Blog) |

The nifty kid who wrote this is Angel’s youngest son; his older brother, Donovan, is fifteen, and he has two sisters – one the oldest, one the youngest. There isn’t a whole lot I can begin to say about Chance without writing an entirely new, very lengthy post, but that should give you some helpful frame of reference. Chance wrote this and read it to his mother within my hearing; like a true blogger and entrepreneur I announced that I would like to publish it. Chance was very willing to accommodate me.

Donovan always yells at me, telling me to “grow up”. Now it makes me wonder, what is “growing up”?

I asked him, and he said growing up is, “shutting up and doing what you’re told. When you’re the authority, then you tell other people what to do.” That made me think more. How do you become the authority? You do what you’re told better than others. Then the big authorities make you a small authority.

So is that it? Be a slave of those who were better slaves than you? Is there any other choice? There is, and I found it.

Look to the 8-year-old kid. He has a card game he’s interested in and a few friends he’s loyal to (and they’re loyal back). He loves nature and is not unnerved when it comes over. He adventures and explores with his friends and maybe his pets. He is playful, carefree, and happy.

I was like this when I was 8. I’m getting close to being 14 and I’m still a lot like this. And I’m happy, mostly. My brother’s right, you need to change to be successful, but to be happy, you also need to stay largely the same.

You can get the most out of life this way: Find a time in your life when you were happy. Act 50% the way you were at that time and 50% your own age. A 2/3 then / 1/3 now ratio is what I do, but for you, 50/50 is what I suggest.

Tips on finding your happy time: – Don’t do “rich and successful” happy. I mean true inside and outside happiness. – Many people talk about “quitting the rat race”. Try choosing a time before you even entered “the rat race”. – Think about the best day in your life (not counting kids). That probably happened in your happy time. – When looking for your happy time, think simple.

You may not agree that being part kid all your life is good. I’m not quite sure that it is myself. I just think that it’s better than the alternative.

Pokemon cards anyone?

Courtesy of Chance Hanley, November 5, 2006

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