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by Megan M. on November 17, 2006 · Comments (Blog) |

I did accomplish one thing Thursday evening—I went and got myself a haircut!

A week ago I made an appointment with Veronica at Urban Betty—you can see her photo and information if you scroll almost to the very bottom of that page. I’d been searching the web for a place that felt right to me. Something classy, something unique, a place that wouldn’t shuffle me out the door too quickly, but wouldn’t charge me up the ass either. To be honest, Urban Betty might be a liiiitttle more than I can afford right now… but much better than what I paid for that first haircut in Austin at the Aveda place, and a nice middle ground for now I think. I paid what amounts to forty dollars for a comfortable environment, a Dr. Pepper, a stylist who did exactly the cut I asked her to and didn’t push product on me (this is harder to find than you might think!), and a really nice conversation. And Urban Betty is in the most gorgeous little complex near 38th and Lamar. I want to go back during the day and walk around, maybe window shop.

Veronica is just building her client base now, but she was really helpful and incredibly attentive to what I wanted. Dude! It’s so hard to get a stylist to just do what I want! Why do they always think they should experiment on me? Do I look like someone who needs to be experimented on!?

I also got to discuss highlights and tipping and whathaveyou, and I think I may go back and get Veronica to do it for me. She was so friendly and nice and wonderful! So, um, I think you should call and make an appointment with her, she’s totally neat and deserves the business. :P

My day was reasonably rotten Thursday, but by the time I walked out of there and headed for home I was feeling pretty chipper. Part of that is a social default, but a lot of it was getting to laugh and chat with a neat person with great ideas. I think that’s way nifty. I’m glad I ended up going down there.

There will, inevitably, be pictures of my hair. As soon as I get a moment. :}

  • Veronica
    Hi Megan,
    Thanks for the super review!! It makes my day to know that I can brighten someone else's. I just "googled" 'urban betty' since my coworker found a review of us on a site I hadn't heard of so I tried to find more. You were a great end to my evening as well and I still hope that we can find some time to do the Sunshine color in the future.
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