Christmas Ramble

by Megan M. on December 26, 2006 · View Comments (Blog) |

I’m waiting for a tai chi video that’s supposed to arrive today. I plan to follow the video a few times and then shower… and I don’t know that I’m going to be all that useful until I do. I’ve been achy and really wanting to learn tai chi, so we’ll try the DVD route. Amazon says it should be here today. I’m sitting right in front of my office window, waiting and waiting… So until then…

Marty and I were sneaky. We started exchanging presents days before Christmas! I think it was the 23rd when I gave him a few bits from his presents and he gave me Yoshi’s Island for our little portable Nintendo console! Squeak! I didn’t even know they made that new anymore. I figured it had been abandoned. I gave him a tshirt, and crazy Stewie pajama pants, and a pair of boxers. I had to draw from my stash…

We were bad. We got to Christmas Eve and decided to give each other more presents! I gave him lots more tshirts and pajama pants and boxers. They are funny. And he gave me the complete collection of Bone, in this giant trade paperback! It’s HUGE! I can’t believe he remembered that I wanted it, the last time we talked about it was… eight months ago? Marty is brilliant. He was really happy about his tshirts and pajamas and boxers, they are really funny. One has little Mario one-up mushrooms all over it. Another one says “I Bite” all over. (Heehee.) And one of his tshirts details the way in which the world will end. (He likes that one the best.) Fun fun fun fun fun! And he made me a little squiddy to attach to a USB drive! It’s SO CUTE! And the USB drive is like, 2 gigs, which is SO COOL

Marty and I got my Daddy a Powerlung—I ordered him the wrong one by accident and ended up ordering another one for him, the right one, and keeping the wrong one for myself, because we can’t return them. But now I have a Powerlung, which is kind of neat, even if it’s really hard for me to use so far. I’m going to keep trying. It’s kind of nifty. And we got Mommy a camera that she seemed to like. And I gave Emily money for her birthday and Christmas because she totally wouldn’t tell me what she wanted, and she ended up using that money to assist in the purchase of an Xbox 360, eek! Which she had sent to the house so we could all play it while she’s here!! It’s waiting at the post office. I need a car…

Mom and Dad got Marty a little blue Leatherman, which they thought of all by themselves, and they didn’t even realize that he totally needed one because the one he had was crappy and not a Leatherman and was totally breaking all the time. And then me and Dad pooled our resources and got Marty the first season of Farscape, which made him gape in happiness. Yay! Glee!!

Marty’s Dad and his girlfriend, Vicki, both got me Barnes & Noble gift cards. Someone tipped them off! Books are the BEST PRESENT!! It was SO sweet of them, I could just die. I got Rudi a couple of books that were some of my favorites, and I really hope she adores them. (She told me she spent the night before Christmas reading HALF of one of them! eek! yay!) And Mom got me a little bag of things, a big bottle of Oil of Oregano which I totally needed, and a little bit of chocolate, and lip glosses and skin creams and body soap. And Mom and Dad bought this book for the girls in the family, Women’s Bodies Women’s Wisdom (I think) and it’s SO GOOD. I am going to write a lot about that book, but not in this post. And Grandma got me a pretty journal, and Aunt Rose’s family got me huge fuzzy gloves and a little Christmas ornament. So I got some nice things, and I survived the evening of family—actually really well, because Stephanie actually went back to her house to get Cranium so we could all play it! Our team won, woo! I had a lot of fun playing Cranium with Marty and my cousins. I don’t think I’ve had quite that much fun playing games with family in a long time.

Ramble ramble.

Eventually Marty and I had to get going to his Dad’s house so we could spent some time with his family. We bundled up and headed off. We hung out with his Dad and wrapped some presents and watched TV and ate some food. Then Rudi came and we all sat around and chatted and giggled and sculpted little Christmas ornaments. And after we baked them, Marty and I went to bed—except my back hurt like a bitch so he slept on the bottom bunk and I slept on the top, sad! It was really weird sleeping on the top of a bunk bed. And then we woke up and had Christmas morning with his dad and sister, and then we all went to Vicki’s to have Christmas morning with her family (fun!!), and then Marty and I went back to my parents’ house to have Christmas, um, afternoon, with them! And then we ate leftovers and I napped like a crazy napping girl, etc. etc., watched Farscape, did a little work, and then I had to take Marty back to his Dad’s house because the next morning he was leavin’ on a jet plane for Virginia and his mommy. Holy cow, I had a full couple of days. Anyway, I uploaded pictures, and they’re here. Go look—and remember to log in so you can see the filtered ones. :P

I hope my DVD gets here soon.

  • Megan M.
    Woo! Please do visit, we have a comfy couch for sleeping on and everything! I will probably also be in town in the next few months (I think?) for a certain project that hopefully will be getting under way sooner than later.
  • stephanie
    eek! i feel special. i'm mentioned in your blog.
    i'm sorry i never called you after new years. i didn't get back until late on the 2nd and then i was sick... :( i was sad. i guess i'll just have to come visit you in texas. :)
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